Your body is a physical reflection of your state of mind.


For someone that has never been introduced to the health world, certain topics and lifestyles can seem radical. I’m not just talking health as in you follow the national recommended health pyramid... I’m talking about true, proven, scientific, health benefitting, natural diet. Like REAL HEALTH.
Even when you are interested in learning more, it’s hard because every doctor, every dietitian, every health professional, every single human being has there own opinion and it contradicts whatever is already out there. There is constantly new fads, trends, opinions, etc in the health world, that it’s hard to get a consistent answer. Even well regarded health professionals will claim one thing and then in a matter of months/ weeks/ or days, come out and state there opinion has shifted to contradict the previous claim. So my point is, anyone with two eyes and a mouth will let you know there opinions without any factual evidence behind it.
So I wanted to have a little section here for some books I recommend on the topic of health! Therefore you can read them and form your own opinion instead of having twenty million thrown at you, and not knowing what’s up and what’s down.
•The 80/10/10 diet by Douglas Graham
•the grape cure
•The miracle of fasting by Braggs
•Rational Fasting
•The mucusless diet
•How not to die
•The China study
As I read more, expect the list to grow(; but until then, here is some you tubers that may spark a new way of looking at health...
•John Rose
•The life generator
•Dr. Robert Morse (robertmorsend)
•Johnny Juicer

Again, this list will grow as I broaden my health horizon, I’m sure.

I give you those recommendations because for a average American person, you might flip your shiz when I say “I’m becoming a Fruitarian”... because you aren’t fully aware of the actual health realm. Once you dive into these books and start to think for yourself instead of claiming the opinions that others scream in your face, you will understand and appreciate the fruit eating lifestyle that people take on.
If after reading these books and doing your own unbiased research, you still don’t vibe with the fruitarian lifestyle, that is TOTALLY fine! I hold people in high esteem that doing there own research and make up there own minds on the topics of this world. I can disagree and still totally respect a person at the same time, and I hope you can as well🍋🌿🕊🥥

I’m ecstatic and over the moon to say that starting tomorrow 10/31 I’m starting my fruitarian lifestyle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can’t wait to share more on here and see the beautiful benefits I experience through this transformation!!!!! AHHHH gtg seeeee youuu sooooon🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋

Thou shouldst eat to live; not live to eat. -Socrates


You already know what’s about to go down!!! ANOTHER👏🏽JUICE👏🏽FEAST👏🏽
Boiiiiiiiiiiii am I HELLA STOKED!
So for those unfamiliar with juice feasting... (to keep it short) it’s when you only consume fresh fruit, vegetable, & herb juices for a certain amount of days.
Fasting is THE best thing you can do for your body...( “The miracle of fasting” by Dr.Braggs, can explain more)
The list of benefits stretch the length of a novel, if not longer, so I won’t get into all that right now.
Though through personal experience from a number of my juice fasts in the past, it is TRANSFORMATIVE. I have energy out the wazoo, my skin is clear, I literally GLOW, my mood is amazing, no mood swings or weird grumpy days, No brain fog or cloudy thinking, I’m motivated more than ever, inspired to create, I’m never hungry or having to deal with cravings and meal prepping, i always feel hydrated& fresh, I have time to do so many other things in my day, my digestion gets a break so I’m always feeling my best, tummy flattens, I feel lighter and more buoyant, I crave movement and workouts, I’m inspired to better other aspects of myself, etc.
I’m telling you it’s the greatest experience ever!
Soooooo, now for the exciting part, starting tomorrow (August 8th 2020) Ill begin my longgggg juice feast!I honestly couldn’t be more excited, that is how much I LOVE juicing!
Just straight nutritious, vitamin filled, hydrating, juice from only the purest and richest sources on the planet.
Since this one is my longest one yet, I’m going to continue to document the progress and experience here ( but on the following pages>>>)
I’m really excited to see so much change mentally, physically, and emotionally. As well as seeing and feeling my body detox on a deeper level. Since this is so long term, I’m curious as to what changes I’ll see.
Also I’m going to keep up with my juice budget. I find that a lot of people don’t want to juice because they think it is money consuming but I find it to be the opposite. I typically save a good bit of money when I am juicing!
If you’d like to follow along PLEASE feel free!!!
If you’d like to know more, message me and I’d love to chit chat!!
Stay hydrated. Stay happy!

I’m the one way over there probably soaking up some sun, and enjoying my own company(;

HOLLA! It’s me, Ry!

Do you find yourself driving, or taking your precious pup on a walk and suddenly fill this huge excitement and energy feel your body, and just get an overwhelming sense that you are here to do something EXTRAORDINARY?!? I seriously feel that on the weekly and not quite sure what I’m destined for at the moment, but HEY, I’m excited!!! 😂
I may rely on sunshine for life, eat way to many blueberries, obsess over MOMMA NATURE (to the max), and genuinely enjoy going weeks on fruit and veggie juice! 🌿🌊🥥
So if that intrigues you, COME ON IN DUDE! Let’s get this party started🌺🌺🌺



When you were younger, do you remember learning about all those religious groups (or what I thought of as hippie clans) that lived all together in a settlement, usually surrounded by gorgeous nature and all they did was meditate, cook, sleep, garden, learn, relax, and enjoy the simplicity of life?! I remember being taught about these groups in middle school and almost being repulsed and stunned that people would want to live like this... and now I think THESE PEOPLE GOT IT GOING ONNNN! Like, how do I sign up?!? 🥬🌳🌿🦎🌱It’s so funny how we are constantly changing and so are our views and opinions on the whole spectrum of subjects/topics. I never in a million years would have pictured myself the way I am now. But I am DAMN PROUD of who it is and who it’s becoming (everyone should be). 💚🕊But getting back to the “hippies”... I have just been so captivated about that kind of lifestyle. Not that I am going to leave this life behind and go join a bunch of nature lovers (.. though I absolutely would😂) i just think that our society is slowly detaching from our natural and balanced states. Call me crazy, but I think our world has GONE WHACK!! That’s a whole other story in its own. The point of this whole page is that recently I have gone plantbased. It’s been such a transformative experience mentally, emotionally, and physically. And it BLOWS MY MIND, that just by eating a more plantfilled and natural diet, it can affect so much of your life. There is an obvious connection between nature and man. How come if I eat ingredients grown by Mother Nature I become more balanced, in tune with myself, clear headed, more creative, inspired, motivated, energetic...?!... ITS NOT A COINCIDENCE! We become more connected with our natural selves, when we eat more natural! And to make it even better, it only comes with positive side effects. CAN I GET AN AMEN?!? I could go on and on, because it really is an interesting and mind blowing subject. But just by the past month of being casually plantbased, i have seen so much positive change in myself! So starting now . I’m working on a lil project... the project being ME!! I’m taking my casual plantbased diet (casual meaning not really caring that some of the ingredients I ate were processed or refined, and here and there eating junk) & going fully 100% plantbased. My goal is to continue this transformative experience and see where it takes me. My goal is to become a physical reflection of nature and the plantbased diet. I want my body, mind, soul, etc to reflect this. 💚🥒🌳🥝🙌🏽🐸 you might think I’m insane, but there is a secret to it that could be the answer to sooooooo many problems our world faces today.
So this is just a post to record when my lil project started. Wish you all the bestest on your own personal journeys through this beautiful life💚☀️🐸🦜🕊🌊



So hear me out... Ya chick, Ry, has been doing some mega self development lately, but we will get into that later.
My mind has unfogged, my body has awakened, my senses heightened, and my excitement is growing!!!
Lemme just share some thoughts with you all... YOU. YOU HAVE ALL THE STRENGTH, POWER, AND COMPLETE CONTROL TO CREATE YOUR OWN REALITY!!! I feel so passionately about this, it’s sometimes unbearable(; So, I’ve decided that yo girl is going to start a v-v-v-v-vlogggggggg! *tongues out emoji* LETS ROCK-N-ROLLLLLLL!!!
I feel that I got some pretty kickin’ thoughts boiling up in this noggin, that can really benefit and help some beans out there! (I’d also like to think I’m pretty cool and would do a fairly good job being a creative content creator!)
Imma lay my thoughts out there and just see if you can pick up my vibe...
So, as a MEGA passionate chick about “creating your own reality” and becoming your best self (or dream self), I decided to just show all the beans out there, being awesome enough to watch, the reality of this passion of mine. 🍒🍌🍅🍉🥒
As of right now, I’m just your average Joe, I workout only when I feel like it (which is rare), I eat whatever I want and enjoy treats more often then I’m proud to say haha, i carry around some extra fluff (if you know what I mean), and kinda just do whatever I want. 🌺
But that doesn’t mean I don’t have ambition and a desire to change my ways, to be a better person, to amp up my life, to set some poppin’ goals. ☀️
I’m {cool} whipping myself into shape, I’m going to create the person I want to be and create the life I want to live, and I want to show you that it is possible. You can do this!! I’m just like you and YOU can create yourself down to the details! We got this! And we can do it together🙌🏽
So basically my funky spunky videos will consist of the process, tips, tricks, struggles, accomplishments, recipes, habits, motivation, inspiration, workouts, advice, questions, love, and support!!
It’s the anything and everything vlog from starting at ground zero to reaching my goals and becoming my best self, in ALL aspects of life🌊🥥🥬
Okay... hi it’s me, after writing all ^ that. I was having major trouble trying to edit and upload and the whole freaking process, so it didn’t happen:( hopefully I’ll figure something out eventually LOL byeeeeee🥬🥝🌳🍃🙌🏽🐸🌿

Something I created one year that I have really put into practice, and it’s changing my life! !


Disclaimer: I DO NOT look like this lil fit puma ninja at the moment! This was me about 2 years ago, when I was implementing “my little secret weapon” that I’m about to share with you🐆
So before I get into one of my favorite things ever, I want to emphasize that I created this mind practice when I was in the best shape of my life, had the best habits, was a total summer babe, was in the best emotional and mental state of my life, and was simply just thriving and enjoying life to the fullest, BECAUSE OF THIS SECRET WEAPON... and this is what I’m going to be using throughout my vlog series to show the literal magic it has!
So let’s get into it:
On a journey (fitness, health, career, life, mental, spiritual, etc) your mind can either be your best friend and best asset, or your TOTAL enemy!
As sad as it is, we are more judgmental, harsh, and mean to ourselves than anyone or anything else! Which should be the TOTAL opposite! You of all people should be your #1 supporter, friend, motivator, mentor, coach, ally, etc!
This practice I’ve created will help tune in to yourself and switch off that negative self talk, and turn it into a friend, a helping hand, and someone that loves you and wants to see you succeed, not fall!
This is what I do each morning:
Close your eyes and clear your mind:
Now, envision YOU as your very best self (dream self) without limitations and restrictions! Think BIG, there are no rules!
Now keep this dream you in mind... (and answer these questions thoughtfully and down to the detail! Keep thinking big!)
•how does this person feel when they wake up in the morning?
•what is their morning routine?
•what does this person eat?
•how does this person feel when they look in the mirror?
•what are they doing? What do they spend their day doing?
•how do they respond to peers and others around them?
•list some of their hobbies.
•what habits do they have?
•what environment surrounds them?
•where do they spend most of their time?
•what job do they have?
•what causes do they speak for?
•what thoughts run through their mind daily?
•how often do they sweat or move their body?
•what are they passionate about?
•what’s their favorite thing to do?
Doesn’t it feel AMAZING to think without limitations! Limitations that we build for ourselves for no reason!
Well what if I told you, this “dream self”, this “best you” is POSIBBLE!!!
That is why I am creating my YouTube channel, and documenting my process and my journey starting off on ground zero!!! To show you, that THIS IS ATTAINABLE! We create our own reality, and we can do this, baby!!
So if you are at ground zero, and want to transform your life into the vision you just had, TUNE IN!!

There is something magical about finding old treasures you have hidden away

A poem I once wrote a few years go(:

There is so much beauty in the luminous warm hearted kind, though these hearts are scarce. But even the most radiant of them don't shine in all the corners and crevasses. You see, with light comes dark. And just as the sun shines the night will always follow.
So these kind shine from every inch of their being and love with every ounce of energy in their bodies
They find beauty in every one and thing
They give and shine and love until they are drained completely
They find that they have given and loved so much, without love in return to restore their depleting hearts
And with that, they know they must go, because as much as they love to love they realize if they stay, their light will continue to fade until it's all burnt out.
And if the light burns out then the night looses his companion.
And he won't have day to compliment his beauty.
It's not easy for this kind to leave her lover as she will be leaving her heart with them as well.
So the kind must walk away from the one her soul attached and heart belonging and begin to refuel her own light to restoration so she may shine bright once more.

...And once more she shined bright waiting for the dark of the night to relieve her.