Who is Cody Martin?

If this is your first time hearing about me/ visiting my page, hello and welcome!!

My name is Cody Martin.

I am a family man, brother, son, business owner, ex professional athlete, and much more that we will save for another time.

Much of my life, I have spent with my head in a book, in the gym, or getting around other like-minded and successful humans- it’s my nature.

From getting paid to play the game I love, to being apart of a multimillion dollar company that operates all over the nation, I have accomplished some great feats in my life.

However, my money doesn’t help you get paid...So you might be wondering, how can I help you? Let’s jump in!

What are the two biggest problems we face in the world today?

Any idea?

#1: Stress

#2: Finances

The leading cause of heart attacks in the world today comes from stress.

What is the leading cause of stress?


Consequently, I turn out to be an expert problem solver, so I went into business where I could kill both birds with one stone. I don’t want anyone that I love and care about have to face these issues.

Thus, today I run a financial services business that helps everyday people build wealth and develop a better mindset so that they can spend more time doing the things that set them on fire, solving the above problems forever.

Here, you will find all of my best references to accomplish the above.

Follow me and I’ll show you the way👉