Welcome Queens!!

Hello Beauties Im honored you stopped by to check out my info have a read below 💋❤️

I am A Mom aka “Snack Slave” 😂 to a little girl who is beyond smarter than me and such a beautiful soul i’m super blessed to call her mine.I’m from A super small town in South Carolina the kind you see in movies where everybody knows absolutely everybody yep that’s it But I love it.. Want to leave most days but can’t imagine life anywhere else 💋

I am a lover of Coffee in all forms Espresso, Iced any day of the year, hot coffee etc you get the idea it’s my second beverage to Water..I wouldn’t mind leopard or cheetah print becoming a neutral color that would suit me just fine since I believe it should go with everything.

I firmly believe everyone deserves a second chance.. I absolutely love showing others how to become a better version of themselves in whatever form you need it health, feeling beautiful, more confidence , or just someone to pray for for you or listen to you I love that you’re here and however i can help i’d love to share my story or learn more about you.. I was once a heavy drug user I self medicated my own problems I basically didn’t want to feel any pain what’s the point in that right? no not right i was not living i was dying inside emotionally and physically, but all i did was cause more pain on myself.. When I finally hit Rock bottom and knowing what Rock bottom actually looks like I’ll take basic bitch any day of the week! 🙌

If you flip a slide over to the next card you will find my information and there you can fill out my influencer application if you would like, so i can better get to know you.. Check out the slide after that as well if you want..❤️

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