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Top 5 questions about being a Zyia rep

Top 5 questions
1. Do I have to keep inventory?

No! Best part is when you become a rep you get a website and Zyia ships everything for you!

2. What’s the commission?

When you start you can make 20-28%! If you sell $200-$999 you’ll make 20% & if you sell $1,000+ you’ll make 28% commission! As you build your business your percentage increases as well as your qualifications for fun trips, rewards and incentives.

3. What does it cost to become a rep?

The starter kit comes with 5 staple activewear items and a $100 gift-card that you can either use to spoil yourself or your customers for discounts! We have one for women and men & the cost is $295 with the items greatly exceeding that.

4. If I become a rep, How do I sell Zyia?

That’s the best part! You have the freedom to choose your hours and strategies to sell. People sell online through Facebook/Instagram as well as in person through home parties, vendor events, pop-up shops, or by word of mouth at their gym! As your sponsor, I’d help you find that groove and support you in any and all ways that I can.

5. Who makes a successful Rep?

EVERYONE! All ages, all sizes, full-time, part-time, mamas, dads, nurses, teachers, personal trainers, fitness instructors, college students, etc.