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I’m Colleen…

I’m a wife, mama of two girls, wine loving, fitness obsessed, virtual health coach looking to help women make healthy living realistic in the chaotic life called motherhood.

Gut Check!

Ready to feel GREAT again?!

Your second brain, ever hear of it?

Have you been stuck at a plateau for a while now? Feeling like you're doing all the 'right' things when it comes to working out and eating mostly healthy, but not getting anywhere with your results?

How about your sleep? Does it come easy to you? Wake up feeling rested? Needing a coffee IV drip to get through the day (or multiple scoops of energize!?)??

Research continues to emerge demonstrating that the bacteria in our gut, aka OUR SECOND BRAIN, plays an important, if not VITAL, role in our physical and emotional well-being.

And we mean VITAL, because improving the health of your gut may help improve all the stuff we struggle most with:

-Irregular bowel movements
-Weight loss
-Poor sleep quality
-Low energy
-Skin issues
-Sugar/carb cravings

What I'm excited about right now??

We are launching a brand new comprehensive nutrition program called, The 4 Week Gut Protocol, to specifically help all of us understand our gut, improve the health of it, and possibly by connection, improve other conditions that plague us!

This program is designed as a tool to help you learn about foods and the way they affect YOUR body as an individual, to HEAL you from the inside out, to discover what really makes you feel good and realize how amazing you were meant to feel!

We're not popping a bandaid over anything or quick fixing here – we're learning and perhaps UNLEARNING…together! It will take DISCIPLINE and that's where I got you ;) .

I'll be hosting a specific group for this program starting on March 28 - we will start with 7 days of prep to go over the educational components and food lists, make our meal plans, and be ready for our Day 1 on April 4th as we navigate a month of the Gut Protocol as a group!

Fill out the interest form below, and we will get you feeling GREAT again!