I went from Stressed Mom juggling work and care - to owning a virtual financial firm - helping great people increase financial resiliency

Virtual Offices Expanding to Every State and Province!

I was a working mom, sitting in the hospital after my third csection, with a laptop spread out on my bed - Doing Payroll.
That’s when I knew things had to change.
I went from stressed out special needs Mom
Juggling it all and feeling frazzled- To Replacing my income online.

1. I teach you how to increase your cashflow. - saving money but also making and keeping more of what you make!

2.I teach you to take control, empower yourself , build a business that fits your life and you can do from anywhere and stop feeling guilty, tired and stressed ALL. THE. TIME

3. DTC advocate. I help people get approved for the disability tax credit. I do this as I found through trying to get help for my own son how incredibly hard it is to navigate. (Canada only)

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  1. Which is worse? Risk of Changr or Risk of staying thr same?