Colleen Kapral

Who Am I?

Hey everyone, welcome to my website, I’m Colleen Kapral, the artist behind Colligraphy Kreations.

Since I was young I was always an artistic person, and discovering modern calligraphy and hand lettering almost five years ago reignited my passion for art. I love the art of hand lettering, but hated how much paper I accumulated, it felt so wasteful. That all changed when I discovered chalk lettering years ago. Chalk boards give me the freedom to draw what I want, take a picture and erase it to draw the next design, or if someone (like you) wants to buy it, I can seal it and make it permanent. It’s really limited my waste and allowed me to hone my craft

This past winter (2021) for the first time I took my chalkboards and newly created ornaments and actually SOLD them at multiple holiday fairs. It was an amazing experience. I sell digital art on my Redbubble, but that was nothing compared to this! I worked hard, made more artwork than I thought possible in such a short time and learned so much from so many great new people I met. Now I'm ready to expand my reach and try to share my passion and skills with even more people.

I’m working to create an Etsy to sell my chalkboard signs and ornaments, so for now definitely check out my RedBubble where I turn my digital designs into stickers, mugs and a lot of other things. And for all things handmade or custom, you can reach me at my email or through Instagram. All signs and ornaments are designed and hand painted by me. I love, LOVE personalizing signs, taking your vision and bringing it to life is the best part of all this! Reach out with your ideas and we'll see what we can do!

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