Troy & Amy Renee

You Are Cordially Invited 🍾

We aren’t sipping mojitos in the Maldives or jumping into infinity pools daily but together we are building our own dynamic lifestyle, defined by a love with big goals & dreams to achieve together. No complaints we have a pretty fun life together. We are a modern day couple, working through our everyday challenges to live the life we imagine. Our individual pasts are playing out a symphony of why it never worked with anyone else. Heartbreaks have become our biggest blessing. Together we are sharing bits & pieces of our everyday romance, lifestyle, experiences, and couple goals through our instagram and blog. Motivation from the top of the Colorado Rockies to the turquoise North Carolina Coast. Get Inspired, ride a Dirtbike, climb a lighthouse, learn from your failures, Love your relationship then take a moment to laugh & cry with us. We’re going to be epic. We’re way to Badass to be mediocre. 🦄

Troy Clark & Amy Renee Hunter

Photography Collaborations & Content Creation

Lets Get the “Write“ Capture

Email, DM or Insta Voicemail us directly for potential collaboration ideas. If you are looking to expand your portfolio, pitch or feature our blog column, network professionally or have a unique opportunity: What are you waiting for?! Please reach out we would love to hear from you. We are going to need content to oversee our vision & photography is at the top of the list. We’ve moved! We are now located in Raleigh, North Carolina but travel to Colorado is imminent. Let’s capture some memories, feature each other and ultimately blog about it ~ together.

Oh My Etsy!

Beautifully Crafted Home Decor & Gifts

Your home should be an extension of your personality & unique to you. I love decorating our home and incorporating our “Coastal Farmhouse” theme throughout. From our gray & white seersucker comforter to our seashell collection on display in our glass coffee table. Small details make such a huge statement. My favorite pieces are bought at antique shops, and made by Etsy artisans. It is no mistake those pieces are the most often complimented. They are often one of a kind, they also make fantastic gifts. I challenge you to zone in on your distinct style & shop Etsy. Here are my favorite Etsy Shops. Enjoy 🥂

Grand Entrance Wreaths

Handcrafted wreaths for every occasion, celebration, & season! The wreaths are gorgeously handmade & are just the finishing touch for your front door, or showcased over your fireplace. Custom orders are available just message the artist.


Intricate book foldings tied together with a ribbon. Such an amazing centerpiece. So unique, & customizable with your name, a sentimental date or word. You can even choose the design for the outside of the book. This makes such a thoughtful keepsake as well. What a great idea for a wedding gift, housewarming, or an everyday treat for your home.


String art is fabulous. It’s modern, Chic & definitely unique. There are many string artists on Etsy but I Loved the heart between two states. Very fitting for our home. Love from Colorado to North Carolina ❤️ There is a special place in our home for this piece right above our patio door. It’s such a simple reminder & it serves as a courtesy nod to Troy & his roots in Carolina. They are fully customizable with your favorite home states, string color, & board wash.