poppy’s colouring tutorial and fonts!

:: screen shot this!:

1. 24FPS
•first download the app and press import at the top left. then your going to press on your video to import it. there’s going to be a small circle with a green, red and blue circle inside. tap on it and there should be a plus at the top right, tap on it. press the option “import polarr qr filter image” and import the qr. at the bottom right, press save and share. if it’s your first time using this app, press save and share at the bottom and there should be something saying “24FPS water mark” and a little tab beside it, tap on it so the tab turns white and below that press save as video. it should import to your camera roll.

2. prequel

first download the app “prequel”. press the little plus button at the bottom. import your video by pressing on it. it should take you to a screen with your video and a few tabs down the side. on the side, scroll to true option “adjust”. for this you are going to put
exposure: +25
contrast: -50
highlights: -100
shadows: +30
glow: +25
blur: +25

go to the top of the tabs and press “effects”:
add the effect “dust”
dust: 100% filter: 60%
dispersion: 0%

filter: boston
#1 filter 45-50%


download the app “ultralight” press the two little circles at the bottom and press saturation at the top. put the red lever up to 3+ and the yellow one to -10
press luminosity at the top and put the red lever to +10 and put the yellow lever to -10

download the app colourtone and put the filter “avalon” to 50.