About Comfort by Kelsey

Customizable hand-crochet blankets and home decor

Hi y’all my name is Kelsey and I’m so glad you’re here!

A little bit about me: I am a born & raised Texan. I am married to an incredible man and we have a corgi fur baby named Theodore. We recently purchased our first home and we are going through the growing pains of fixing it up. That has been an adventure all in itself!

Remember in 2020 when everyone went on lockdown and we couldn’t leave our house? Well, that is we’re Comfort by Kelsey was created. I was bored (naturally) and decided to try a new craft. That is where I attempted to make my first hand-crochet blanket. It went well but I knew I would need a lot of practice but I found it very relaxing and knew it was a hobby I would keep up. To make a long story shorter LOL over the past almost 2 years I have spent countless hours trying to perfect my craft. I am now very proud of the quality product I create. I also have found my niche of custom nursery blankets. It has been so neat to see my blankets gifted to moms & I love seeing photos of my blankets being used for tummy time! I have also started branching into home decor, right now it is just seasonal things like pumpkins but I expect to expand my home decor line in the near future.

Thank you again for being here & if you read this all the way through be sure to use code: CBKWELCOME for $5 off your first order 😘