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Purple Growth Lab

Here are a glimpse of our previous batch! Cool since the beginning right?!

Self Branding

Our great speakers for this session Ridho Mulya andAli Pasha. The specific objectives of implementing this Self-Branding class are the participants were able to see in depth about Self-Branding and the steps in doing it.

The participants are able to image themselves well and correctly through their curriculum vitae.

There are 5 golden rules of personal branding from this session, but you won't find them here, scroll on ur ig! hehe

Self Improvement

Our great speakers for Self Improvement Class are Adhia Rana and Alsha Merancia. This session aims to seek students self-potential for further development.

Notes to be taken from this is self-improvement is essential and needed a thorough planning. Find your own measurement to track your progress.


In this session students were given lesson about searching, analyzing and processing data.Our great speakers are Fikri Arman and Fadhila Pramanandi
Sadly, this session was held virtually due to pandemic.


Our great speakers:
1. MB Winata editor of Bukune
2. Syafial Rustama pemimpin redaksi Bukune

In this session, our cool speakers was told us about their tips to improve our wiritng skills: read regularly, learn how to organize a a paragorah,write an outline, get help of feedback,just write!

More of the explanation can be seen on our Instagram.

Creative, Critical, Design Thinking

This session, the students learn about how to solve problem through design, creative, and critical thinking. PGL invites Brand Investemnt & Consumer, Sonya Bonaire as the speaker to give a new insight to the students. Sonya Bonaire tells us the steps to have its design, creative, and critical thinking.

Public Speaking

This session aims to sharpen the student’s public speaking skill with the great and certified public speakers who also The Co-Founder of Rhetorix.id, Muhammad Ihsan and Raden Muhammad C. Hanif.

You can impress your audiences from the begining of the speech, you need to have an amazing opening it can be story, humour, powerful questions, and more.


This session give the students a real experiences work life. There are 3 speakers who gave the students insight about their career life: This session give the students a real experiences work life.

There are 3 great speakers who gave the students insight about their career life:
1. Muhammad Ihza Muzakki, Head of Digital Marketing of Pocaris Sweat
2. Nabila Putri Nurhaliza, Program Designer at Lingkaran
3. Elisabeth Simaibang, Digital Publication Specialist at Kementerian Keuangan Republik Indonesia

The highlight of this class is you can change your lives if you can influence someone and start to speak your mind

Graduation Day

The journey with PGL ends here but there are so many challenges you will face forward, the students and mentors have to say goodbye virtually.