Confessions of a life freak

Just a 15 year old trying to figure out life!


2020 has been one wild ride. It has been a rough year for many if not all. Things beyond our wildest dreams happened. Kind of like Charlie Brooker wanted us to experience the 6th season of black mirror rather than watching it.
As bad as it was for me, and everyone else, it taught me one very important life lesson that I will never forget. 
2020 taught me that the word ‘family’ means more than just a group of people related by blood.
These are the people that accept you for who you are, with whom you can sing your heart out. The people you call when you get a flat tire, or when you see something on the tv that reminds you of them. They give you that peaceful silence, and that stomach ache you get when you laugh a lot.
The people who have the power to change your mood in seconds without realizing it. The people you stay awake with all night even though you have work the next day.
It is the people who give you that feeling of euphoria when you see them at the airport. It is the sadness that consumes you when you miss that person in the middle of the day. It is the wishing that they were here. These are  your middle of the night, your no matter what people. 
I now believe that family doesn’t necessarily have to be blood, It can be that childhood best friend you haven’t talked to in years, it can be that new friend you made online, it can be your favourite singer or your sister’s best friend. Family is the peace you long for in all the chaos, it is the late night gossips, it is those everyday chai wala sessions. It is love.

Hindsight's 2020

As I peak through my apartment window today, my mind flashes back to everything we have survived this year. And I see a world different from what we had left behind.
Three months into the new decade and half of the world was shut down. Suddenly doing nothing was the responsible thing to do. Car keys gathered dust, panic buying left stores with empty shelves, and ICUs and ERs became overwhelmed. It felt like living in an alternate universe.
Despite all the chaos and the fear that came along, 2020 brought back families and reunited old friends. It brought back love and giggles at the dinner table. People remembered how to smile again
 We reevaluated our priorities and remembered what really mattered. Many picked up new hobbies. Some started singing, some were baking, and some started painting.
We also reached a whole new level of unity while singing to each other through apartment windows, binge-watching "Tiger King" and learning TikTok dances. It was during the most uncertain times that we finally learned the importance of being kind to one another.
2020 also acted as an eye-opener for everything that was wrong with the world we once called home. We are no longer living in a world of ignorance where matters like racism and sexism are non-existent. 
This was the year that made us look at things with a whole different approach. It was the beginning of a new world, and hopefully better than the one we had left behind.  So as I look through my apartment window today, I see a healing world. A different but a better world than what we had left behind.