Who am I?

Jamie or Confidence By Jamie

Hey humans, welcome!
If we haven't met yet, I'm Jamie 😁👋 I'm the hot mess you'll see. I love summer, the colors purple & pink, cows and my beauty gig.  My personality is probably best described as "tough love bestie."  I love you enough to tell you straight 💜

Here's what I know!

Cows 🐄 have 4 teats, 4 stomachs, eat grass and produce milk 😊 carry their baby for 9 months just like humans.

I can talk to 600 cows all day long. I'm still working on the humans 🤪

Ok let's be serious now. I know that SeneGence products are friken ahmazing and anything that pulled me away from farming would have to be nothing less.

My rule is wear what you want and feel comfortable in. Just own it! It doesn't always have to match. Follow me, you'll see 🤣

If your in your 20's you need to start looking after your skin. It's downward from here 🤣 Tune in, don't be a younger me!

Did you know If your in your 30's skin turnover slows down and Collagen and elastin breakdown faster?

If your in your 40's and above there is no hope for us! 🤣 kidding 😁 but this is when aging appears the most dramatically, becoming thin, wrinkled, dull and dry.

It's ok! SeneGence to the rescue. I'm not a professional but I'll do my best to help guide you to the best skincare and makeup you'll ever own!

When your addicted like me I won't be sorry, I'll be over the moon at how happy you are with your skin, the confidence you have gained and how many women's lives you are now changing! 🥰 💜
Xx Jamie

My Top Picks

Humans, these are a must have y'all

Check out these favourite everyday must haves that are. NOT. Negotiable!

Made with naturally reoccurring resources, vegan, cruelty-free, anti-aging, and the biggest thing that sets us apart is..... Skincare in our makeup! 💣

Colour Correcting Tinted Moisturiser - CCTM

Every 👏 day 👏 must👏 have👏 light coverage, 6 different shades, colour correcting, sun protection and skincare! Perfect for everyday wear and is super easy to apply 👌🙌😁


You only get one skin, so look after it! It keeps the inside in and the outsides out and makes up 70% of our body.

Moisturising the skin is vital part of everyday with moisture continually being drawn out by our modern day environmental conditions such as heating and cooling in addition to sun, wind and other environmental hazards.

Waterproof Lipstick

LipSense 101 💋
Never heard of LipSense? Heard but never tried it? Human let me rock your lipstick world! 🤩

LipSense is:
✅ Lead free
✅ Wax Free
✅ Gluten free
✅ Non-GMO
✅ Preservative free
✅ FDA approved
✅ Made in the USA
✅ Never tested on animals
✅ & animal byproduct free! Umm YES PLEASE! 🤯

NOT a stain- Bonds to your lips on a molecular level! 👄

💥 Kiss proof & Smudge Proof 💥

Lasts 4-18 hours, depending on your pH level ⏰

Lasts as long as to 4 tubes of regular lipstick because you're not constantly reapplying it all day! 💄 💄 💄 💄

☀️ Provides a mechanical shield protection from the sun.

Available in a variety of finishes:
F (Frost)
M (Matte)
S (Shimmer)

Layer or mix to create endless color combinations!

Are you still with me! 🤯 now the hardest choice you'll have is picking just one colour 😜

Check this out! 👇

Chase your dreams ✨️

From glam to farm and farm to glam ✨️ 🐄