Connect the Dots Tutorials

Hi, I'm Dots

I'm the average dancer's thinking face. You and I can relate. I think you can agree that the hardest part about learning to dance is memory retention.

Thankfully my dance instructor, Chesco Leveratto, is in the works of putting together bite-sized video tutorials at an affordable cost. Become efficient with your learning and follow me on social media to stay tuned for new releases.


You've got questions. I have answers.

Q: Why pay when I can learn online for free?
A: Because you'll spend a lot less time playing "let me slow down the video and replay it 100 times hoping I'll be able to replicate the sociery that was executed." I get it. You're a visual learner but I'll be able to help you understand what you're learning AND how to connect it to something you already know. It's the little pieces in between that make all the difference.

Q: How do I access the videos?
A: After your purchase, you will be sent a link to the video for viewing. No sign up required!

Q: Do I need a partner?
A: Not at all! Dancing is about understanding how to do it yourself before doing it with a partner. Becoming a self sufficient dancer will drastically help accelerate your progress.

Q: Do I receive lifetime access?
A: Yes and No. You'll have the option to either buy or rent the video tutorials. But let's say you love it so much that you want to keep it for reference in your training, In exchange for a video testimonial as to why you recommend the Connect the Dots program, I'll give you life time access to the video. DM me for details.

Q: Do you offer refunds?
A: Alas, I don't offer refunds. if you didn't like the videos for any reason, please let me know how I could do better. I love hearing feedback.