About My Journey

I weighed 179 pounds when I started this journey. That was 25lbs more than I was with both my pregnancies.
I couldn’t do anything to make me feel better or look better. Every time I would try new clothes on I would say “you can’t make an elephant look like a mouse”I would wear loose clothing to hide behind. I tried every diet plan that came out.

I was introduced to Modere with a different product but the same collagen in it. That product gave me immediate results with my joint mobility and energy so I was all in with this weight loss system.
I lost 40 lbs in less than 6 months and my body was feeling amazing!!
Every customer I have today I have said these words “If you are ready to lose weight, we have a 30 day money back guarantee. You start this system, you will feel a difference before that month is over!!”

I was fortunate enough to be able to try the chocolate trim before I ordered with my social marketer and OMG there was no walking away at that point!!
1/2 tablespoon every morning of deliciousness😍


Lean Body System

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One Of My Favourite Products ✨

Sunless Tanning Foam☀️

I was so scared to use our tanning foam! I was worried about streaks and not getting all the areas and leaving white patches.
So I didn’t use it for the last 2 months. Until I had to put my shorts on!
I was so white, I scared my self🤣

It worked!! It was amazing!! I have had zero sun so I was still white when I applied the tanning foam to my whole body. I wanted to proof to show so I picked an area where I could go white/tan for you!!😳

Ladies and Gentlemen,
These pictures had no changes made to them!

I am 100% sold on our Tanning Foam (with collagen) and it was so easy to do!! I can’t sit out in the sun like I use to in my early days but now I can look like I do🥰

I attached a picture of me from the day before I self tanned to show you how white I really was!!


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