Get to know me  —

Hello :)

I have created Conscious Body & Soul to share my yoga practice, meditation and breath-work with you!

I also offer a more inclusive well-being method by adding macrobiotic and nutrition to the mix, as a certified counsellor!

This space is made for you - to hold your own transformation and growth ✨


Macrobiotic & Nutrition  —

Learn how to live mindfully and eat well

With Macrobiotic I teach you the best way to eat accordingly to your physical and emotional needs, based on your specific energies corresponding to the 5 Chinese elements (water, wood, fire, earth & metal)!

We will take time to discuss things you want to change/improve in your life and how to use each day as a blank canvas to be your best self!

Yoga, Meditation & Breath-work —

Learn how to move through life with awareness

Yoga paired with meditation and breath-work is the key to our physical, mental and emotional balance.

Schedule a consultation to define your goals, flow, practice meditation and breath-work techniques to feel better and live better!

Mom & Baby  —

Learn how to nurture yourself and your baby with yoga

Make the mat yours and your baby’s happy place!

Learn how to take care of yourself while you are going through one of the greatest transition times. Both your body and your mind need extra attention.

Take time for yourself and to bond even more with your baby!