About me

Helping you live your very best life!

Hi, I'm Beki. I worked as an OT for 13 years in the NHS, but after having kids I felt trapped by the system, low confidence and stuck.

Desperately unhappy I was forced to change life dramatically. I started self-development and working on myself. Working towards a dream of freeing up life to spend with my home educated kids and travel.

Covid-19 stopped the plans for travel, but I have managed to create a life with more freedom and both my husband and myself left work. We have created a new life for ourselves in the Welsh countryside. We spend our days hiking, biking, canoing and having outdoors fun!

It's so liberating to feel like this. Mornings are a joy with no rushing about ever. I love empowering others to feel the same, and helping to coach them through their journey.

We all need some help every now and again, there is no shame in this. I can help you ooze with confidence, gain direction and understand your purpose. When you get to his stage you can start to move your life into alignment. This alone will boost your mood and feel good factor!

So many people wish to create online income, and if that's you I also have a programme that can help you move quickly in this direction! I spent 2 years wasting time before I finally created a new business and within 3 months had created income that was enough for us to both leave work.