What is Consumption Collab?


Are you familiar with the term Collaborative Consumption? It’s defined as the shared use of a good or service by a group. Collaborative Consumption allows people to divide the cost of something they may not be able to afford on their own. Sharing is a great idea but we have something even better in store.

We are CONSUMPTION COLLAB, a team dedicated in coming together so we can inspire and collaborate with others. We believe that YOU, the consumer, deserve MORE for sharing and FUN while doing so. Our business specializes in Themed Clothing Swap Parties and Pop Up Shops that include live music, art, and recycled clothing. Creators, Emanda and Veronica, are inspired everyday by the creative influencers surrounding them and would like to encourage others to CONSUME in small business. In order to make our vision a reality we must COLLABORATE and support our fellow curators. We bring you an opportunity to gather with your peers and trade passions in an atmosphere specifically designed for you.

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Swap with us!

Swap Pop

Swap Pops are the Consumption Collab version of a pop up shop. However, unlike the monotony of buying and selling, our goal is to provide an experience where consumers interact with creators in order to inspire one another. Join us for events that promote art, music, and recycled fashion.

If you are interested in:

•Having Consumption Collab at your next event
•Donating clothing
•Selling or displaying your creations at a Swap Pop

Use the contact page provided to reach us!

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We bring the party to you!

A Clothing Swap Party is a great way to refresh your style by trading clothes, accessories, and decor you no longer wear or use. The objective of swapping is to provide an alternative to fast paced consumerism. Exchanging used goods is not only Eco-friendly but affordable as well!

How to host a SWAP PARTY w/ us!

1. Your lovely Party Planners will take care of invites, decor, clothing racks, tables, chairs, mirrors, etc. and everything else to turn your desired space into a boutique!

2. Please allow us at least half an hour to set up your guest’s clothing after they arrive. If clothing can be brought anytime prior to your party it helps the party begin sooner.

3. Please bring items in reusable condition.

4. For each item a person brings they will receive a ticket. These tickets are now currency used to “purchase” anything that catches their eye. One ticket = one item.

5. We ask that you donate any unwanted or leftover items to Consumption Collab for all of our hard work. We’ll get it off your hands and use it for future SWAP POPS!

If you are interested in throwing a Clothing Swap Party please use the CONTACT page to reach us. We are excited to plan your next Swap!