About Iole

Determination and courage

Born in Naples (Italy) in 1994, from a family of bookbinders, she have an innate passion for cooking and the awareness that she want to spend her life cooking in restaurants. She began her Hotel and Catering school studies by attending the first 2 years in Naples and then the last 3 years in one of the best schools in the sector in Italy, located in Formia (Latina, Italy). Graduated in 2013, she began her career working in restaurants between Lazio and Campania, and continuing to study to receive the qualification of cruise ship chef. She applied to embark on MSC cruises, but because they asked her a level of English higher than what she actual knows, she decides, in 2015, to move to London, learn the language and resend the application to the cruise company. But the fate had another plan in store for her.
As soon as she moved to London, she started working for the "M restaurant" in Victoria, a English fusion restaurant, as a demi chef between pastry and sushi bar, for a year. In 2016, she moves to Green Park for "The Petrichor at The Cavendish Hotel", AA rosette English restaurant, as a chef de partie, continuing to gain experience in the pastry, starters section and garnish section. With the need to face new experiences and challenges, in 2017, she changes again restaurant and she moves to "The Lampery" in Tower Hill as senior chef de partie for the hot section, starter section and helping the pastry section when needs. In 2019, is proposed to her to return to work for the "M restaurant" as a junior sous chef, and ready for another challenge, she decides to accept. She currently work at "M restaurant" and, in the meantime, she studying for graduate as a senior production chef.