Hello welcome to my page I don’t post much but I try to post when I can my name is Stephanie this is not my real name I’m not allowed to use my real name so I go by Stephanie I hope you guys like what I post I do switch a lot I can’t find a fandom that I like I always switch so I’m a multi until I find what fandom I like my first video blew up September 21,2019 and got 2261 likes I was so happy then my  Second video blew up last summer 2020 it got 130.9k views and 28.1k likes I made this fanpage July 27 2019 I first started as a Zoe fanpage and not I’m a multi zoe followed me October 24, 2019. Here are some things about me my favorite color is red and purple I don’t really have friends well I do I just don’t talk to then no more I’m very quite when you first meet me I’m new only if your nice to me I like cookies my favorite animal is a lion I like the winter I like to play Roblox and I’m 14 almost 15 my birthday is September 26 I like to meet new people and make new friends well that is all.


Learn about my account and me

Welcome to my account I made this account in 2019 I don’t post much I’m busy with school and other stuff but I try to post as much as I can I have 3 more account I will post edits on this account and other stuff. Here are some things so you can know me I’m in high school I’m 15 my birthday is September 26 I love the color purple I love to paint and I’m a night person I love to go places and make new friends well that is all for now love you all <4