More About Me!

Hey, it's me.

Hi, I am Amber! I am a full-time loan Processor Assistant, fiancé, and when I find the time a cookie baker! I started baking decorative cookies in 2019. I have always had the love for baking with my father when I was younger. Cooking in the kitchen just brought out my creativity and passion for food. As a child, baking cupcakes (even from a box mix!) helped me relax and unwind. It simply “felt like me.” And, not to mention, it’s a double whammy of awesomeness– baking makes me happy and baked goods make everyone happy. Spreading joy is immensely

My hopes are one day to make it my full-time career. But for now, I bake from my kitchen on my spare time!

It’s not just about baking cookies, it’s about the joy and calm that come with it. What baking is to me may be knitting, painting, reading, running, yoga, or music to someone else. How profound that a hobby can be a form of therapy.

A bit more about me...

I grew up in a small town on the western shore in Calvert County, MD. My family is from Buffalo, NY, and I am the only child born in Maryland. After high school, I moved to the eastern shore and met my now-fiancee. We met while serving at a restaurant together. We recently bought a house in Grasonville, 3 minutes down the road from where we first met. We are happy pet parents to are two cats. You can always follow both my Instagram accounts for a little more of an inside scoop on what I do outside the kitchen.

Happy Baking!