About Us!

It’s ironic because we’re not cool at all

We’re Aubrey and Evie and we made a podcast! We’re two high schoolers that love the sounds of our voices and hope you like the stories and tangents and tid bits that come from them. That sounded weird. Anyway congrats to you for clicking this link WOOHOO!! Welcome to our tiny website, feel free to click around to find links to more cool stuff, such as our podcast, specific episodes and references!

About the Episodes

Little notes from your hosts about the latest episodes


Episode 6: Spooky Season and Irrational Fears

We’re sure you’ll FALL in love with this episode, because were talking about fall!!! This is a very fun episode where Evie opens her birthday gift from Aubrey, we give you your ‘to watch list’ for the season, and we break out into song. You know, casual tings.

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Episode 5: Gavin is Epic and The Cool Girls Go Ham

This is a very chaotic episode. Like Yikeys

Aubrey and Evie talk about school and stressors and rant about VSCO girls among other things.

The bean monsters very real...
QUESTION OF THE WEEK: If you’ve watched The Office, what’s your favorite episode and quote from that episode??

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Episode 4: Evie and Aubrey Expose You All

This is a very special episode inspired by popular youtuber AyyDubs!
We both highly recommend her videos.
In this episode we asked our Instagram followers (@coolgirlzpodcast) to anonymously send us secrets for us to read and react to. OH BOY

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Episode 3: We get Standed on an Island with Special Guest BB-8

This is our first episode featuring a guest... in just kidding. Aubrey found a toy BB-8 and was freaking out the entire episode. This is an episode all about The Media! We talk about music, movies, social media and TV shows.

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Episode 2: Legends of Zelda: Twilight Princess, and Evie’s Ghost Cats

In this episode of the Cool Girls podcast, Evie and Aubrey catch up with each other after being apart for a week, and discuss the secrets of the universe such as reoccurring dreams, pineapple on pizza, Evie’s paranormal kitty’s and Board Games.

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Episode 1.5: Frankenepisode

This episode, isn’t really an episode. *inception* HA HA YOU WERE FOOLED. but actually we’ve been having a little bit of technical difficulties so we weren’t able to record a legit second episode but here’s bits and pieces of what we recorded of a second episode before our mics started goofing off, as well as some snip bits from the famous tester episode you’ve heard so much about.

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Pilot: Pecans and Adam Ruins Aubrey’s House

In the first episode of Cool Girls, Evie and Anita Higgins discuss themselves and the intricacies of bananas, The Original Pancake House, and which vegetable is TRULY the best. Out of context you would guess they’re extremely hungry.

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