Coronavirus Special Directions

Research indicates Coronavirus 229E, like other viruses, are quickly killed when touched by copper. Early research suggests COVID-19 succumbs to copper the same way other viruses do.
People can carry COVID-19 and spread it for days before showing any symptoms. The virus itself can last on a surface for
That means you could possibly pick it up on your fingers from practically anything you touch, even before there are any known cases in your area.

So until this pandemic is over, it is wise to use your CopperZap
as follows:
Rub it for 20-30 seconds all over your fingers and hands BEFORE and AFTER going anywhere there are other people, like work, shopping, doctors office, etc.
It leaves a trace of copper on your skin for about half an hour.
If you happen to touch a contaminated surface during that time, your chance of transferring a virus to you face should be reduced.

Use on hands just before entering any public area, every half hour while you are there, and immediately after leaving.
Follow CDC and other official guidelines: Avoid crowds, stop shaking hands, and wash your hands often.
Washing your hands may wash off any protective trace of copper. Use again right after washing your hands to restart a degree of protection.

Use it just before entering your home, and get family members and visitors to do the same, to reduce the chance of bringing bad germs in and depositing them on things you touch.

Use just before you enter a workplace, to reduce the chance of spreading it to others.

A U. of Arizona study showed that when a worker arrived in a busy office area with test microbes on their hands at 8 am,
people spread those microbes by touch from surface to surface so fast that by noon they were on practically every doorknob, desk, keyboard, and phone in the whole office area.

People tend to touch their faces many times hour on average.
When you notice you have touched your face, touch the same spot briefly with your CopperZap right away, just in case.

If you hear people coughing and sneezing around you: Use your CopperZap on your face, especially around your nose and
mouth. Airborne viruses may have landed there.

On a day when you have been around others: Use it in your nose once at the end of the day in case that may help.

Nothing is 100%, but if you use your CopperZap® as directed, research indicates the copper should reduce your risk of catching or spreading Coronavirus.
Please read and follow the regular Directions, too.

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