about me

Hey babes, im coral del mar ! I live in Atlanta Georgia and am currently working on becoming the best version of myself, for me & those around me! Im originally from San Juan, Puerto Rico. I have lived in the states for about alittle over 14 years. My younger years were filled with lots of family activities and lots of sports. During my high school years, between JROTC competitions, volleyball, flag football, and classes, I never truly had time for a job, but always had a strive to have my own money. That want for my own money made me squeeze two jobs between my junior and some of my senior year, and it was tough, between games, study sessions and work!!! I’ve always seen myself as someone open to trying new things and throughout my life I have always shown an interest in beauty. I recently took a step and decided that being that person who could give girls confidence and empowering women all together was something that was in me, and a goal in life. Just recently I stepped out my comfort zone and decided to join an amazing hair and skin company that has introduced me to an amazing group of women with the same vision as me… this has helped me step out of my comfort zone and helped me make money right from my own comfort. I couldn’t be happier with knowing that I have not only taken a huge step in helping my own hair, skin & wellness, but also helping others reach their goals, and helped them feel confident and beautiful by simply changing a few products.