Coral Lee

Who am I and what do I stand for?

Hey! I'm Coral Lee
👩‍👧‍👦mom to 2 wild things
🏞Nature is my happy place -- you'll likely find me in the mountains or at a tropical beach 🏝
🤓📚science/math head. Now I use those brains for slaying online business, learning how to be a Jedi with my mind and molding my own experience of life
Anti-racism advocate & ally to POC✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼
🌊dedicated to a life of ease and flow, a business with ease and flow
💃🏻fun-loving, loyal friend. Always down to go dancing
🙏🏻gratitude changes everything, I use it foundationally
🖊compelling writer
🧘🏼‍♀️Yoga teacher/meditation junkie
My dream is to own land with its own hot spring
✨I believe true freedom comes from vulnerability and living unapologetically expressed
I care deeply about the future of this planet and what I can do to influence the trajectory of our collective reality #honortheearth

I stand for sovereignty
I stand for health
I stand for wealth
I stand for big thinking
I stand for voting with our dollars 💸
I stand for protecting this magical planet 🌏
I stand for co-creation of a bright future
I stand for medical freedom
I stand for access to non-toxic living
I stand for access to clean, hydrogen rich water. I stand for putting an end to single-use plastic bottles. 💦
I stand for the ability to create our own income regardless of the economy (and show people how)

I crave a synergistic way for us all to share this planet.

I've heard it takes 4% of the population to alter the trajectory of our future. I stand for being a leader within that 4%.

Stop taking advice from people who aren't where you want to go.

Otherwise you'll end up where they are