Love of my Life

be a part of me. let's survive this shitty world together

I first met you at domainate, Natatawa ako sa mga post mo lalo na sa way kung paano ka makipaginteract sa mga nagcomment sa post mo pero first mo kong nakilala at nagkausap sa gc na ginawa para magsend ng porn which i find it funny kasi sa lahat ng pwede pa tayong magkausap sa porn gc pa. Ang gaan mo kausap para sa akin ewan ko pero pag ikaw kausap ko parang nawawala problema ko sa mundo or should i say na makausap lang kita buo na araw ko. I know that's sound cliché but that's how i really feel about you. Seeing your profile in my chat heads makes my tummy different kinds of butterfly and then one day i realize damn i'm totally fallen really hard from you. I tried to confess before by sending an entry to domain archives but you rejected it because i know how crazy you are for that chance guy but even thought i know that you already admire someone, I won't stop loving instead I will stay by your side no matter what happens because that's how much i treasure you.
Tanga pakinggan pero wala eh hulog na hulog ako sayo,Kahit ano pa sabihin nilang masasama sayo wala akong pake kasi alam kong hindi ka ganon at i want to stay by your side because that the only thing that i can do to protect you from all the hates that you've been receiving. Everything about you makes me wanna hold your hand and never let you go. I know what i'm doing is not enough how much i love you because you deserve more than the whole universe. Sometimes i just wanna give up and let go my feelings for you but when i talk to you, you're a heartache that worth having, risk that i'm willing to take.
Remember about out conversation about the moon? you described it as a beautiful, worth loving and your rest. after many years, i finally found my moon and that's you coreen, my moon.