Cory Fay


Hi, my name is Cory Fay and I’m a 22 year old business owner who’s eager and ready to win. I graduated high school, started college and then found myself having a life altering brain surgery. After surgery I lost my short term memory, started to have seizures, developed a sodium disorder and lost most of my hearing. Through lots of prayers, friends and family I’ve been able to overcome many obstacles.

I have always loved the idea of owning a business and I wasn’t going to let my surgery set me back. I was introduced to Q and I was completely blown away by the comp plan and how easy it is to build a business. I’ve never seen another business model where you can spend so little to get started on but yet create such an incredible income.

We have Products that are helping people all over the world. We have massive growth and continue to expand. I’ve personally experienced great results with our products.

Scroll through the following pages to see how it all works by clicking the arrow on the right. I look forward to working with you and seeing your success come to fruition.

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Our Comp Plan

To understand the income you will just read across from left to right to see what your income will be. For example, Silver only requires 25,000 overall / organizational volume and you are guaranteed to make $4,000 with a $4,000 bonus.

Be sure to get your questions answered so you fully understand our incredible comp plan.

Thank You

For taking the time time to check out what we’ve got going on. We are excited where this company is going and we invite you to join us.