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Wake up with Make up !! Most Natural Permanent Make up...

The what, why of permanent makeup

Cosmetic tattoo is called semi-permanent, Microblading as well a technique that uses natural pigments to slowly fade away after a year to 3years without changing color.

The ability to semi-permanently enhance your appearance, while achieving a natural look, holds much appeal.
Cosmetic tattoos can be helpful for a range of reasons.

Busy people save time by removing the need to apply makeup on a daily basis

Correct a physical issue or flaw such as over plucked eyebrows, eyebrow scars, pale and unevenly coloured lips, or eyes with little definition

Women who struggle to apply their makeup because of poor vision or watery eyes

If you want to keep your makeup beautiful and natural for a long time.

Time to create your beauty at IL BACIO COSMETIC TATTOO 20 years of experience and accurate consultation with the latest skills.

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Eyebrow Microblading & Cosmetic Tattooing

There are essentially three main brow styles to choose from Microblading/ shading/ combination brows

EYELINER (Top liner/Bottom Liner)

Incredibly natural looking / No smudging/ Can be as subtle or dramatic as desired/ Wake up with perfect eyes every morning/ Great for contact lens wearers or those who wear glasses


Cosmetic lip tattoo is a great way to reshape define and enhance lips. Waterproof colour 24/7 and No Smudges / No Teeth Stains/ No smokers line leaks


Hairline Microblading tattoo takes a step further by introducing hairlines to match your hair type, thickness, and colour. Hair tattoos naturally fill the empty scalp with 3D feathering techniques/ that make the face look smaller/ protect the scalp using natural pigments

Eyelash Extentions

Our Eyelash Extension that provides Premium Silk and Mink lashes apply to individuals. Each individual premium eyelash extensions are attached to your natural eyelash.
We also Russian Volume Lashes provide with best skills.

we create your eyelashes a rich and natural sexy look, IL BACIO uses only high-quality materials that are harmless to all treatment human bodies

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Beauty Tattoo/ Mini Tattoo/ Lettering Tattoo/Black & White

IL BACIO COSMETIC TATTOO conducts tattoo procedures after sufficient consultation on the design, color, skin type, etc. that customers want

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Eyebrow From $280 - $450
Eyeliner (Top) From $250 - $380
(Bottom) From $230 - $350
Lip From $280 - $650
Hairline From $250 - $850
mini tattoo From $150 - $700

The price of all procedures is determined after consultation with customer and coordination according to the situation and process.

Leave your beauty to IL BACIO COSMETIC TATTOO!!
Sweet Kisses will come to you.

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