kim taehyung

fluffy sweaters and cups of vanilla tea

name: Kim Taehyung
age: 23
orientations: pansexual, panromantic
god parent: Eros
godly gifts/abilities (up to three): pathokinesis, healing, illusion
apartment floor: 20th

personality: Very laidback and easily accepts things as they are, never holds grudges and sees the world as something interesting. Curious and flirty, but really soft and sweet from the inside.

backstory: Taehyung was abandoned soon after birth to the doorstep of so-so rich old couple in the city, that took him in and raised him. The old couple treasured and loved Taehyung dearly, and even though it pained them to tell Taehyung that he wasn't theirs, they told him. And Taehyung somehow knew it, even without them telling him. But he was fine with it. The old couple loved him, and he loved them, and that was more than enough for Taehyung. Later on in life, when Taehyung turned 14, his mother one day visited the old couple when he was out with friends, leaving a letter, explaining why she couldn't raise him. And even that, Taehyung accepted, not holding a grudge against his mother. Because of her choice, he got to live a peaceful and love filled life with the old couple. Slowly by time, his mother started to visit more, first only to see how much Taehyung had grown, but soon started to explain Taehyung who he was, and what destiny waited for him in the future. And with a warm smile, Taehyung accepted that, moving to Olympus when he was 16.

extra info

- Taehyung's pathokinesis is more centered towards lust, love, estacy. The feelings related to pleasure, be it painful pleasure or pleasant pleasure.
- His whole apartment is basically a garden, with all sorts of decoration plants, and herbs growing everywhere.
- Practices playing the piano and a violin whenever he has the chance, and has taken a great liking to jazz, opting to going out to jazz clubs every weekend to see performances.
- Taehyung's healing skills are (for now) restricted to small cuts and scratches. As he'll start to use his healing skills more, it'd most likely be possible to even heal a deep stab wound / internal bleeding / bullet wound, completely.
- Can sense if people are lying, or avoiding saying something.
- Somehow learned french and italian without being taught and is fluent in it.