Hello there, Counter Babe

My Counter Life

Hi! I am Sidney Hupp and I am a follower of Jesus, mama of three and a wife to a Marine.

I created Counter Life to be able to share some inspiration on how I am living a counter life to the world as a Christian and a business owner. I love cooking, going on tennis dates with my man, interior design, playing baseball with my kids, running, working out and anything to challenge me. Family and community are so important to me and I love to help woman create a life for themselves they’ve always wanted to live, by creating structure, teaching discipline, and cheering them on!

I am a Director with Beautycounter where I fight for safer laws within the skin care industry. Did you know a major law hasn’t been passed since 1938?! 😱 We fight so hard with our research and development team making sure Americans are getting the safest products available to market.

I am also a Fitness professional, I am a certified personal trainer, a weight loss specialist, and group fitness instructor. I work for a company called @corefitfix where we have an amazing community called BOGA (bootcamp/yoga). We specialize in 20 minute workouts that will challenge you along with an amazing online fitness community that will keep you accountable to meet your goals.