About me!

Hello lovelies!! I am an up and coming wellness and beauty influencer.

I’ve always been interested in the health and beauty industry but never really took the time to educate myself on products that could be beneficial to me! In the passed couple years I found myself becoming more intrigued with these type of products and the simplicity of how they’re made.

Personally I’ve never had terribly bad hair or bad skin so investing in any of these products was not a priority for me. Once I started dying my hair I noticed that my hair was becoming less thick and more brittle. I used the professional hair products I was advised to and it helped but didn’t give me the results I wanted.

Once I tried chemical free products that are not only vegan but also cruelty free, I noticed a difference in my hair after just the first wash! It felt healthier and happier and definitely looked it too! I pay a lot more attention to my skin and hair now because even though I personally never dealt with “bad hair days” or hid from my mirrors due to terrible acne I know everything can be improved and bettered! If your skin and hair looks and feels fine it can still be improved and become happier and healthier!

I’d love if you would join me on this journey for us to learn more about this together and make a fabulous change! #healthyrevolution