Hey babe!


Hi, I’m Courtney. I’m just a twenty-something first year elementary teacher trying to build a life full of adventure and love with a heavy dash of holistic living.

▪️Let me just start by saying that I haven’t always been THAT person. That person who shopped at organic stores, read ingredient labels, or regularly exercised. I was the person who ate whatever I craved whenever I craved it (hello carbs and sugar!), stayed up all night, and procrastinated every single thing in my life. This resulted in a body with head tension, exhaustion, upset stomach and a whole slew of other icky health problems. This resulted in a life of going through the motions and always feeling a step behind.

▪️What I didn’t know yet was that by being intentional with my eating I could heal my body from the inside out. I didn’t know that by reading the ingredient label I would learn that so many products I was using were disrupting my hormones and compromising my health. I knew, but didn’t want to admit to myself, that regular exercise doesn’t just support your body but your mind too.

▪️And it’s okay to not know! It’s understandable. What I couldn’t sit with was knowing and not making a change. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t just wake up one day and decide to do all this research and drastically change my lifestyle. If I’m being honest, I was struggling so hard with anxious and depressive feelings that it was affecting my relationships, my career, my whole life. Since I’d never experienced that kind of mental health issue - it truly felt like the end of the world.

▪️It’s not a exaggeration when people say you have to hit rock bottom first. So there I was, a sad anxious little couch potato, wistfully looking at peoples lives on social media and comparing them to my own. Then I came across a random girl I hadn’t seen since middle school. She wasn’t living the the picture perfect, fake Instagram life. She was simply sharing about living a non toxic lifestyle full of natural products and essential oils. Genuinely sharing her family’s challenges and how their lives have been greatly improved because of this lifestyle change.

▪️I read more, researched more, and started to believe. Believe in this revelation, believe in this company called Young Living, and most importantly believe in my own worth and believe I’m deserving of living a full life.

▪️I couldn’t afford to give a half hearted attempt. I’ve dived in headfirst and I’m so so happy that I did. In just a short period of time I have gained a community of amazing people, had my eyes opened to the insanity in products on my shelf, and felt this immense weight on my heart to share this incredible journey.

▪️I will share how instead of reaching for traditional over the counters I reach for peppermint and panaway oils. How lavender, cbd, and stress away oils have supported my sleep and stress levels. How a supplement has helped me not call in sick to work just because of some crazy , overwhelming feelings.

▪️I’m not here to sell anything. I won’t share anything I haven’t done myself. I’ve just made this decision to be conscious about my health and wellness. To be purposeful with my time and energy. To connect and create real relationships with people. I’m just here to share. Share what has worked for me and what hasn’t. Share my craziest new idea and share some of my hardest moments. So to answer your question of “why are you doing this whole oil thing?”
I’m doing it for me.

So if you feel it, follow my story. I’d love to have you come along.