My Top Picks —

These are a few of my must have products and favorite combinations!!!
Check them out below 👇🏻

Biocell collagen and Trim bundle

Biocell liquid collagen supports healthy skin and joints, while award winning Trim promotes fat loss and a leaner profile! Buying these 2 together also saves you $$$$

Liquid Biocell Collagen

This liquid goodness promotes healthy aging, lubricates joints, and produces younger looking skin. Multi-patented power of collagen/ha matrix.

Lean Body System

This system combines the #1 selling weight loss product TRIM with a gentle 3day detox and burn capsules that kick start your metabolism. This is the ultimate package to conquer your weight loss goals!

Make your own pink drink-Modere GO

Your favorite pink but in a healthier way! Clean energy, 24 brain boosting ingredients, 11 vitamins 5 minerals and nootropics, sugar free.

Limited Edition Peach 🍑 flavor Trim

The same great Trim for your weightloss goals now in a new summer flavor of peach parfait!

New Limited Edition Peach 🍑 lean body system

Your favorite lean body system in an all new summer flavor of peach parfait!

Phytogold/Phytogreen Combo

Optimize digestive health with this Green and Gold combo! Supports a balanced micro biome, energy levels, weight loss, and joint health.

Cellproof Essentials

Cellproof moisturizer-This luxurious formula melts into skin to visibly enhance firmness, reduce wrinkles and even skin tone.
Cellproof serum-instantly* firm, tighten and smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Infusion mask-delivers effervescent oxygen via patented Ox3™ technology. Each application reduces the appearance of wrinkles and supports hydration, for fresh, vibrant-looking skin.


Healthy living-clean products-chaos coordinator

Hello lovely! If you don’t know already, I’m Courtney! I am a busy mom to 4 crazy kiddos :) I am addicted to coffee, love raunchy romance novels, and dream of travel.

The past year has been hard on everyone. On top of quarantine, I went through a divorce. I moved myself and kids into a new house, and have been trying to find our new normal in a quarantine world.

I am committed to showing my kids how we can live our best lives and that no matter what our current circumstances are we have the power to change them.

So cheers 🥂 to everyone out there. Whether you are currently struggling and pushing through or if you are already on the other side of the struggle. Let’s boss up ⬆️ and change our lives!!!

There’s a future version of you who’s proud you were strong enough