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My top picks!

Limelife has some of best of the best skincare! We are known for using healthier ingredients that come from sustainable harvesting for an affordable price! We want to make sure women and men are taking care of their skin without the use of harmful ingredients

Fresh Start

Rebalance your skin with a natural-based cleanser and moisturizer that is just right for you. Choose the perfect cleanser and moisturizer that will work in combination to get you on a path to even more radiant skin.

For Dry Or Mature Skin Types: We suggest Quench Cleanse and Skin Therapy

For Oily Or Acne Prone Skin Types: We suggest Dream Clean and Cool Balm

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Skin Confidence

Customize a skin routine that is perfect for you. The combination of naturally derived and effective ingredients in our cleansers, moisturizers, and masks create unique routines that first balance your skin and then maintain a radiant complexion.

For Dry Or Mature Skin Types: We suggest Quench Cleanse, Skin Polish, and Skin Therapy

For Oily Or Acne Prone Skin Types: We suggest Dream Clean, Masque of Zen, and Cool Balm

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Dynamic Duo (Sotoks and One Drop Wonder)

Our customers love these products separately, but love them even more together. The ingredients in Sotoks reduce the appearance of dark spots and tighten skin, while One Drop Wonder boosts their effectiveness and provides skin with beneficial antioxidants and Omega-6 known to fight visible signs of aging. These tried-and-true customer favorites are a dynamic duo for healthier, more youthful looking skin!

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Forty Cure Creme

This moisture-rich hand and body cream contains a blend of Citrus and Lavender Essential Oils and a valuable ingredient, Tamanu Seed Oil, obtained from “The Forty Cure” tree in Tahiti. This oil is used to treat wounds, rashes, burns, eczema, rosacea, dry skin, and many other skin ailments, and is the main ingredient in this therapeutic body cream.

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Perfect Lip Scrub and Balm

Battle the winter chapped lips!

Our Perfect Lip Scrub contains Granulated Sugar, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter and Vitamin E to exfoliate away dry skin and soothe and restore moisture to dry, chapped lips.

Our Perfect Balm formulas contain Sunflower Seed Oil, Synthetic Beeswax, Shea Butter, and Vitamin E and is available in two variations- "Classic" and tinted.

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My Top Picks!

My favorite make up products to make you feel absolutely amazing everyday!!

Spray and Stay

The perfect combination to prime and set a flawless complexion. Our First Base Makeup Primer Spray ensures a silky smooth application, while the Makeup Finishing Spray holds makeup in place for up to 16 hours. We recommend Time Setter Setting Spray for dry or mature skin types and Oil Strike Setting Spray for oily skin types.

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The Perfect Everyday Eyeshadow Palette

What is different about our eyeshadow?

You can customize a 4, 6, or 18 well palette only choosing your favorite shades and you can replace them as they run out since they are magnetic and pop in and out super easy!

I put together the perfect palette for everyone, including colors:
01 Sweet Dreams
26 One Night Sand
42 Higher Ground
48 Phoenix

Click here for eyeshadow tutorial!

Take Two

Double up on our best-selling eye makeup and save. Select your choice of our Perfect Eyeliner Pen or Enduring Eyeliner Pencil with our Perfect Mascara in Black or Brown or Waterproof Mascara in Black and create eyes that will make you do a double take.

How can I do a wing?

Perfect Complexion Palette

Choose your shade of Perfect Foundation and two shades of Complete Concealer to achieve a perfect complexion.

Get a FREE color match today! Ask me how.

Click for a foundation tutorial!

Perfect Powder Trio

Combine three shades of Perfect Blush or add our Perfect Bronzer or Perfect Translucent Powder to a customizable makeup palette to highlight and contour cheekbones and create a healthy looking glow.

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Holiday Collections

Money saving collections in the cutest packaging!

There’s nothing that compares to the feeling of home. But the home itself can take on so many different meanings. For some, it’s a person or group of people; for others, it’s a city or set of surroundings. It might be the place where your story began or where you go to start a new chapter. As we turn the page to the holiday season, we hope you enjoy the warmth and wonder of wherever feels like home.

Wizard of Eyes

Whether you’re feeling curious, adventurous, or even a bit wicked, there’s an Enduring Eyeliner Pencil to match your mood. The gel-based formula glides on smoothly for even application and intense color payoff. The Wizard of Eyes Collection bundles together five duos, for a total of ten long-wear colors!
This is perfect for that pop or color you need or that simple eye look!
This makes the perfect stocking stuffer and gift!! You can split the set up or keep it together!
Perfect for everyone!

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Going Places

They say there’s no place like home, but we think taking the comforts of home to-go is even better. Bundled together for travel, the mini Lemon Drop Hand Sanitizer instantly sanitizes and moisturizes, while the mini Forty Cure Crème and Classic Perfect Balm combat dry, jetlagged skin and lips.
I am so excited to snag these for holiday gifts for all my friends and family! Anyone having to go out into the workforce right now and even for the little guys going back to school! And for all our healthcare workers out there this is the best gift to snag them!!

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Skin Courage

Find courage from top to tail with two of our best-selling confidence boosters. Apply One Drop Wonder on its own or mixed with your favorite moisturizer to hydrate and smooth facial fine lines and wrinkles. Treat the rest of your skin to Dew Confidence, made with aromatic essential oils to visibly firm and tone.

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Power Glow

Show off your shine any time of year with the Power Glow Collection, which pairs our top glow-getters. In a trio of shades, Perfect Glow Drops are infused with coconut oil for natural hydration, while the Perfect Blush & Bronzer duo provides just the right amount of pigment to highlight your favorite features.

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LittleLifer Collection

Help your favorite little one get started on a long life of self-care. The LittleLife Collection is the perfect introduction to makeup, featuring a Little Lip Balm and Little Perfect Blush in shades Kindness, Courage, Friendship and a Little Powder Brush. All are tucked into a perfectly sized iridescent bag.

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Lollipop Little

Good things come in small packages – and in this case, possibly the best things! The Lollipop Little features mini sizes of our must-haves: Perfect Lip Gloss, Enduring Lip Color, Enduring Eyeliner Pencil and Perfect Mascara. Stash these staples in your travel bag or at work for mid-day touchups.

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Soap and Joy

The perfect combination for a handful of joy. The Soap & Joy Collection features a pump-top bottle of Soap & Joy Cream Hand Soap and Forty Cure Creme in a convenient tube.

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The Tin Man Collection

Make sure the men in your life are scrubbed, soothed, hydrated and never in need of an oil can! The Tin Man Collection comes stocked with travel-sized necessities including Power Start Face and Body Wash, Cool Down Face Balm, Charged Up Shaving Cream and charcoal Farm to Tub Soap, all in a stylish tin for easy gifting.

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No Place Like Home Lipgloss

No need to click your heels; your wish already came true! We’ve reimagined our Perfect Lip Gloss with a limited edition ruby jeweled top. Slipped into a gift box that doubles as an adorable ornament, it’s the holiday gift they’ll write home about.

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Brighter Together Makeup Collections

Save money and donate!

Our LimeLife community is made up of an incredibly diverse group of people with one very important goal in common: to empower ourselves and others. In 2017, we seized the opportunity to spread that spirit even further and established the Brighter Together Foundation.

When you purchase one of our Brighter Together Collections, you help provide entrepreneurial field training and support to women in the world’s most impoverished countries.

We pass 100% of our funding onto our charitable partner, Project Concern International’s (PCI) Women Empowered (WE) Initiative. WE members pool their savings and make loans to one another, and PCI gives the women guidance to start their own successful businesses.

Together, we have already helped over 13,000 female entrepreneurs become leaders in their communities.

Simply Pretty Collection

The Simply Pretty Collection includes everything you need for a simple, everyday makeup application. This collection includes your choice of: one Perfect Foundation, one Perfect Blush, Bronzer or Perfect Translucent Powder, and one everyday Perfect Lipstick, plus a Perfect Mascara or Waterproof Mascara. When you purchase this collection LimeLife by Alcone will donate $8 to The Brighter Together Foundation.

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Teen Collection

The Teen Collection Collection includes everything teens need to achieve a flawless complexion and an everyday, natural look. This collection includes your choice of one Perfect Foundation, two Complete Concealers, one Perfect Blush, Bronzer or Perfect Translucent Powder, two Perfect Eyeshadows, and one Perfect Lip Gloss. When you purchase this collection LimeLife by Alcone will donate $10 to The Brighter Together Foundation.

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Everyday Amazing

The Everyday Amazing Collection includes everything you need to achieve an amazing every-day makeup application. This collection includes one Perfect Foundation, one Complete Concealers, one Perfect Blush, Bronzer or Pressed Powder, one Perfect Eyeshadow, a Perfect Eyeliner Pen, Perfect Mascara or Waterproof Mascara, and Perfect Lip Gloss, Perfect Lipstick, and Enduring Lip Liner in your favorite shades. When you purchase this collection LimeLife by Alcone will donate $12 to The Brighter Together Foundation.

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