Meet Me

All of our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. — Walt Disney

Good Hello,

Courtney here! Just your friendly neighbourhood vegan beauty expert!☺️ I live in a small town in Northern Ontario with my fur babies! I have an amazing job as a Direct Care Worker, but I felt like I wanted to do more.

I’ve always been interested in hair and skin care. Ive been colouring and cutting my own hair since I was 12, crazy... I know. My hair was thinning, damaged, and brittle. My creativity with my locks was taking its toll. I knew I had to change something.

But what?

I tried every brand of shampoo to fix my hair. My hair became one of insecurities. I picked up my shampoo and flipped it over, there was the paragraph that gave me false hope for hair like Rapunzel. Promising thicker, healthier, shinier hair. I wondered why I couldn’t find one that worked for me.

Underneath that paragraph was the long list of ingredients, I couldn’t pronounce half of them. But a few stuck out... Formaldehyde, sulfates, and parabens, OH MY! I was shocked, I knew I needed to find products that worked. I knew there was better out there.

So, as I was on the look out for products that were cruelty free and naturally based. I came across a company, that was anti-aging, plant based and free of harsh chemicals. Hallelujah!

April 4th, 2019 I received my first order and I was in love after my first wash! 3 weeks later I was shocked as to how amazing these products actually were! So I contacted my upline, slammed my credit card down and said “Sign me up”

This opportunity was one I didn’t want to pass up. My hair went from being my insecurity to becoming my passion. It blows my mind that this is my job, I’m able to work whenever and wherever I want.

Saying yes to this incredible opportunity was the best thing I could have done for myself. Working with this company is an absolute blessing! I love waking up everyday knowing that I can help people make their dreams a reality.

This is just the beginning, and there’s no way I’m turning back! You know my story, what’s yours?

— Courtney 🌱