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Do you require an events photographer in Yorkshire or any other part of the UK? It could be an awards ceremony, brand launch, charity ball, party, exhibition, whatever the event maybe, you can be rest assured that all your hard work in making it happen will be visually captured and documented in absolute style by my event photography.

Yorkshire event photographer specializing in capturing authentic, emotion filled moments and interactions at private, non profit, and corporate events.

Available to photograph a wide range of events in Huddersfield and surrounding areas, including but not limited to:

corporate events, corporate parties, conventions, brand activations, launch parties, fundraisers, private parties and events, non profit events, conferences, award shows and ceremonies, red carpets, influencer events, religious ceremonies, seminars, expos, trade shows, product launches, birthday parties, holiday parties, galas, pop-ups, weddings, and more. I am available for all types of Yorkshire event photography.

Documentary style that will unobtrusively identify and capture the natural, impactful candid moments. Hired by clients that need consistent results by a consummate professional specializing in Yorkshire event photography. Additionally, offering same day, night of, and even live editing and file delivery. For larger events, I lead a team of experienced Yorkshire event photographers, all trained in capturing meaningful, and impactful images.

I’m a creative documentary wedding photographer who also likes capturing a bit of editorial style and some laughs - which I think is the best mix of photos to remember your wedding day by without doubt! And that claim is based on me photographing over 300 weddings in 12 years and absolutely loving the job and the couples I work with. I'm based in Manchester and love my local venues - nothing like being in my home town! - but for around 60% of my weddings I travel to London, Devon, the Lake District and everywhere inbetween and beyond.

I am Nicola or Nic for short. If you’ve got this far it could mean you'd like to book me to shoot your wedding, and if so, that’s a great decision and now you can relax! I say this with some confidence because I’ve been shooting weddings for 12 years and I have all the experience and judgement of someone you’d want to trust to immortalise the memories of the biggest day of your life. A very important job, which I love with all my heart and soul. My entire working life has been dedicated to wedding photography. I’m one of the originals, an experimenter, a story teller, a traveler and a people person. I also like really good music and a bursting dance floor. You might find me there with the bridesmaids at the end of the night, hugging it out and reminiscing about the glorious events of the day.

Each and every wedding is an education for me, an emotional journey where I fully immerse myself in the day to capture the essence of it. But you won’t really notice I’m there, because I’m just one of the crowd, the one with the camera and I'll blend in perfectly. You’ll be able to enjoy the day you’ve put years into planning and I’ll be invisible 90% of the time. I class it a privilege to be one of the lucky few to be attending your wedding and I’ll give you absolutely everything I’ve got. I love Mum-in-laws, Aunty Carols and of course Uncle Bobs. I’m great at hooking up dresses, taking veils out, opening champers and telling you your label is hanging out, putting buttonholes on, and dancing while taking great photos.


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Tell the world what you’re made of

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My standard wedding coverage is up to 12 hours shooting from bridal preparations up to, and including, first dance.
All edited images will be posted on your own online gallery for you to share with family and friends. A selection of photographs will also be featured in a 30 page photo book.

Our Classic Headshot Sitting costs £125.


The session takes place at our spacious studio in Castleford. This means we can shoot both indoors and out which not only gives you a wider range of image styles, but also means that the weather never stops your session.

Our facilities allow you to change outfits, and hair or even shave in comfort.

Shoots last up to 2 hours. We will then create an online gallery featuring a minimum of 400 images from which you choose 5 fully edited colour images with black and white copies. Extra images can be purchased for £15.

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Tell the world what you’re made of

Documentary style photography that will unobtrusively capture authentic moments ...

Armed with professional grade camera gear I'm able to provide you with the ammunition you need to boost your marketing.

These "Marketing Agencies" don't care about you. They will undercut the freelancers on until we all gone then they'll jack up the prices. When the going gets tough they will ghost you. Where were they when the pandemic happened? Did the Government support you when events were not allowed to be hosted live? It was the service providers that

If you want coverage for an upcoming event then get in touch now.

I have covered a wide range of events. These include Yorkshire Children of Courage Awards, Manchester Theatre Awards, Yorkshire Choice Awards, and Child Friendly Leeds Awards.

I also enjoy shooting a select number of weddings each year.

I have been published widely throughout Yorkshire, nationally in The Guardian, The Independent, The Times, The Daily Telegraph, Daily Express, Daily Mirror, The Stage, Morning Star, Vogue, internationally in The New York Times, and on the BBC, ITV and Sky Arts. My services include coverage of press launches, meet and greets, rehearsals, dress rehearsals, and publicity shoots.

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