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Born and raised in San Diego, California and have continued to plant my roots here with my family. I am a wife, mom, boss, and desert/race wife.

I am the only one in my family who has spontaneous, and wild curls! Growing up this was a major struggle for me, but more recently I have fallen in love with their uniqueness. I also want to help others who have been uncomfortable over the years with their curls and let them know they are not alone and if I can help in anyway I am happy too!

I also have grown up with a Port Wine Stain birthmark on my lower lip & chin. This abnormality has certainly provided me with thick skin and a gentle heart to individuals who are self conscious.

Add lastly, I am passionate about leadership and empowering others to thrive with a purpose and create a life of freedom they desire.

My mission... to help others embrace their natural traits with confidence and pursue a better tomorrow by stepping out of that comfort zone!

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A day in the life of Corey

Wife. Mom. Boss. Mentor.

I work full time at my 8-5pm job where I supervisor a team and help develop them into successful individuals in our organizations. Most of the day I can be found at my desk, answering emails, developing procedures, and attending/conducting meetings.

My newest role is a mom to two beautiful little girls. Everyday I am amazed at their personalities and development. Entering into motherhood is a huge and weird transition, but it grounds me and reminds me to be a better person. I thrive to be the person who I needed when I was young, and I want to provide them a life filled with endless adventures and memories. I also want to let other moms know they are not alone. Becoming a first time mom, you experience a number of unexplained feelings. Having the ability to connect with other moms and relate makes us all feel a bit less crazy.

And a wife. Marrying my high school sweetheart has restored my heart. My past has been nothing but turbulent, and he has stood by my side though some of my darkest days. He never uses the past against me, but rather to better understand me and how I need to be loved. He is my best friend, my biggest supporter, and a huge part in the women I am today. This all includes adventures into the desert and racing. #1408

And last but not least, you can find me working from my phone and taking content photos/videos as I share the opportunity of anti aging products and the opportunity to live life limitless. Linking up daily with women to encourage them to step out of their comfort zones to get more for their life and family!

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