Have You Lost Your Children Or Had A Bad Experience Dealing With Child Protective Services?

They like to call themselves protecting our children and reuniting families. We all have a story to tell and this is my Nightmare that forever changed my life and ruined everything I had ever believed in all at the hands of CPS-DSS of Anderson County SC and it's evil corrupted caseworkers that every Judge will support and back their decisions, they believe every lie that is told on you. No one has your back, no court appointed attorney, no drug screening establishment, absolutely not the evil vicious caseworkers they employ. That I must say not one of the 5 caseworkers that handled my case had children themselves nor were they married with family's of thier own. They were younger than my eldest child and had absolutely no experience in being a real parent with everyday struggles. They were judgemental and distorted everything I said or done out of pure spite to show me who was in control and who the upper hand all because I refused to back down and comply with their bullshit rules of them tell me how to be a parent when they had no clue what being a single mother meant. Not one attorney in this state or this town will go against them or help you in any way , because they are all afraid to fight for the truth or stand up for justice. All because of the power DSS CPS has within our court systems.

I am no one special or important. I am your typical everyday single mom just trying to make it in this world and pick up the pieces of my broken life, my broken home and do the best I can for my children and myself. I wasn't perfect by no means and I never claimed or tried to be that leave it to beaver mom, you know Mrs. Cleaver or these suburban all American same haircut kinda moms. I was that mom who worked so hard to provide for her kids and would get 3 steps ahead in life and fall 4 steps back. Whether it be from someone I started dating or an apartment I was renting or even just a simple mistake like meeting your child's friends parents and trying to make friends. If it was going to happen, it was going to be me that it happened too. You could take that to the bank and cash it. I swear.
So now you know a little bit about me, let me begin my story of what has happened that lead me here.
The story of what forever changed me as a person, everything I believed in or thought I would or could be. Every ounce of my dignity and my heart was ripped out , stepped on and spit back in my face. All at the hands of Anderson County DSS CPS caseworkers, our judicial system, my jealous ex boyfriend, my own family and friends but the worst of all is my own child. They failed to do their jobs and what they claim to be doing each and everyday in this world. They not only failed me , they failed my child, her mental health, her well being and now my Grandson.
But to hear it from their words and my daughters deranged, distorted and disrespectful mouth. You would think I am the worst person who walked this earth. Like I'm some kind of monster or child abusing , drug addict.
I admit I have my faults, like I said I'm nothing like you oh so perfect PTA moms who bake cookies and sprinkle glitter everywhere. I don't have a perfect fake marriage with the all American perfect man, family and home. I struggled, I made mistakes and I did drugs but I never deserved what was done to me and continues to be done till this day still at the hands of DSS CPS and again my own child.

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