Somethings mean more when it’s homemade

Hiya , my name is Michaela Anderson , I am from the small town of Glenpool, Ok and now located in the town Ada, Ok. I am a mother to two children and a wife to my husband, Joseph! I am a full time dental assistant with the Chickasaw Nation and on the side I make art! For the passed year and a half , I’ve been making homemade soaps , painted some canvases , and now I am making resin keychains and pyramids! I have always been a very crafty person ever since I could remember , I have always loved to learn new things and make something with my hands , the joy I get from creating something has always been my serotonin in life! 💖 And now I am ready to share it with everybody!

Resin Pyramid

To save a little something

Do you have something from a loved one that passed away or just something you want to keep forever? A resin pyramid is the cutest way of saving those precious items forever and a way to decorate your home with!

Yellow Flower 🌼

A father may pass away but their love never will , just like this yellow flower will always stay bloomed.

Resin Keychains

Add a little spice to your keychains

From sparkles to flakes to powder colorant , design your initial or get a tooth shaped keychain for your co workers , friends , family , or for yourself!

Resin Keychain

Are you a dental assistant? Or just want your initials? Get your own personalized keychain to go on your backpack or purse!