Welcome Oiler’s

Since our family got our Premium Starter Kit, we've bought another kit and one more diffuser because we have felt the effects of using oils daily. Here's a bit of my story...

During the start of lockdown I found myself getting anxious about the prospect of something happening to my family in South Africa and not being able to fly back home. I felt trapped for the first time in my expat life. The joy of an expat life is the travel opportunity, a lifestyle that my family have always enjoyed. I was in the early stages of my second pregancy and wanted to stay away from doctors and hospitals to prevent Covid infection. I had my Premium Starter kit but didn't know what to do with my oils so I got onto Instagram for some inspiration. The first roller I made was an emotional support roller and I immediately fekt the postive effects on my body. I began DIYing so many different rollers, sprays and oils. With my 11 oils from the starter kit I made, bug sprays; sleepy sprays and rollers; eye wrinkle oils; anxiety relief; bumps and bruises sprays for our busy toddler. I also made fash wash, face serum, shower gel and hand soap! I just got so into it and knew that by using these little bottles of plant based goodness I was protecting my family against the outside germs as well as helping myself manage my emotions (pregnancy - arg!) 

A few months later I was on a zoom call, getting my head around a side hustle with a company I already knew about and wanted to be a part of. When I signed up, it was actually a business investment but when my kit arrived I immediately fell in love with these 100% pure oils and started dreaming of owning them ALL. I wanted everyone to get a kit, just to feel this for themselves. 

And here YOU are! Joining the journey. Thank you and, welcome! 🌱

Grab yours for 1595 HKD