About Me

How Creations By Eliza D was started!

Hi Everyone 👋🏻

My name is Elizabeth and I am the maker and owner behind Creations By Eliza D. I am originally from Northern California but now I live in Southern California🌻 I am a military wife ✈️ and dog mama 🐶 I love to garden and spend time with my family in my free time💕 I also love to create decorations for my home and keychains!

I got into crafting during quarantine and working from home! I went back to the office around Halloween and thanksgiving and I thought I should decorate our office for Halloween and thanksgiving! So I made little witches hats and pumpkins out of paper-by hand until I got my Cricut! Then I made the rest of the pumpkins with my Cricut and some cardstock! Little did I know they were going to send us back home so we didn’t get to enjoy the decorations! But I did decorate my house with my paper crafts!

I just recently (April 2021) started crafting with vinyl and instantly fell in love with it! I was always intimidated by working with vinyl - not sure why but I was! My first vinyl craft was making flower signs for my garden! I even put some vinyl on my dog’s treat containers.

Thank you for supporting my business ❤️