Creative Life UK

Supporting wellbeing and creative expression

Join Maria in partnership to unfold the creativity within you. Using Nature as the facilitator for wellbeing we’ll work together to find a sense of relief, peace and wonder which can have a huge and positive impact on every aspect of your life.

Creative Art Therapy improves mental, physical and emotional health. Nature is one of our greatest healers and a combination of both is certain to lift you into meaningful experiences, communication and wonderful expressions of self.
Choose from a selection of offers including Reiki, Nature healing and creative arts sessions.

Reiki Healing

Supporting wellbeing with universal energy

This beautiful and gentle healing session will offer you a chance to relax deeply whilst receiving universal light energy.
The benefits include deep relaxation, targeted healing, both physical and emotional and support for your holistic wellbeing.
You can book an in person session or experience a distance healing offer.

Contact me for more information or to book.

The Rest Room

A space to rest deeply

Sometimes all you need is a space to rest - on your own and just be. The Rest Room is a little sanctuary beside a beautiful pond under a weeping willow. Once you’ve made a cosy nest for yourself you can drift off into a deep relaxation - with the sounds of nature to listen to or a choice of relaxing music.
Why not book yourself a little me time in the rest room and feel the benefits of this gift to yourself.