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Deeply supporting your unfolding

Hello, my name is Anna and I am here to be by your side through your pregnancy, birth and postpartum period as you transition into new or renewed motherhood. I believe in you and I provide a rock of support. I trust in you and I provide a mirror of strength.

I am in deep reverence of the body and of women and of the miracle that is procreation. I truly believe in community and connection as the greatest contributors to resilience. You are important, your needs are important.
Let’s create magic!

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Packages and Prices

Benefits of hiring a doula....

We can establish a trusting relationship and get to know each other which will make you feel safe. I can provide evidence- based resources so you feel informed and prepared. You will feel reassured knowing you can contact me anytime with any questions or concerns. You will feel completely cared for and supported during labour and can relax knowing your partner is also being supported. You will have the option to have a ‘sound birth’- bringing the crystal bowl into the space and feeling soothed, held and free to make sound during labour. You will feel honoured and celebrated in your beautiful and powerful rite of passage.

Package #1 Beautiful Birth $1400

- 2x prenatal sessions (2hrs each)
- 1x prenatal catch up (36-38 wks)
- on call from 37 wks
- continuous support during labour (from the time you call until 1-2 hrs after birth)
- 1x postnatal visit (2hrs)
- (optional) to have a ‘sound birth’

Package #2 (self) Discovery $1800

- Includes all features of Package #1 plus additional 3x prenatal sessions (2hrs each) where we can dive deeper into your mental and emotional preparation.

Package #3 A Whole Lotta Love $2400

-Includes all the features of Package #1/2 plus a Mother Blessing (a ceremony honouring you with up 12 guests 2 hrs) plus 3x postnatal visits (2hrs each) plus 2x meals for you and your family.

Mother Blessing $350

A customised ceremony honouring you with up to 12 other guests, including all materials, 2 hrs.

Artwork $500

A customised artwork made in response to the time we spend together and your birthing journey. A personal memento that intimately expresses layers and aspects of your experience. A unique state print, framed (60 x 80cm). A beautiful and unique artwork that you and your child can reflect on for the years to come.

Belly Casting $350

Have your beautiful belly and breasts immortalised and turned into an unique artwork for your home. This includes a guided meditation to connect more with your baby, colours/ images to inform the artwork and the belly cast in a 1.5 hr session and the finished piece.

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About Me

A little bit more about me....

I was born and grew up in Perth. I completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts from UWA and then moved to Hobart and completed my Honours at the Tasmanian School of Art.
I became very interested in the work of Elena Tonetti Vladimirova and her method Birth Into Being. She developed her processes as a way of neutralising birth trauma and reducing complications in labour. She also discovered it was helpful for everyone as we all carry trauma (our own and inter generational) which limits us in some way. I went to Germany in 2018 and experienced and trained in her method which I am wanting to offer to people through my doula work.
I trained with Vicki Hobbs at the Doula Training Academy at the end of 2020 and also with Debra Pascali Bonaro (founder of orgasmic birth) and Ibu Robin Lim (founder of Bumi Sehat birthing centre in Bali) as part of their Eat Pray Doula training in 2021. I have also trained with Nicole Lloyd from Sound 4 Life to become a ‘sound birth’ doula. This involves the option of me playing my crystal sound bowl during your birth which has many amazing benefits. I am very excited to start on this path walking alongside women. Please contact me to learn more.
Thank you for being here.

Contact me: [email protected]