Business Startup Consultant/ Life Purpose Coach

Meet Coach Farrah, a woman of many titles: She is a God-fearing woman, wife. Mom to four beautiful girls, Social worker, and serial entrepreneur.

Farrah's entrepreneur Journey started in 2013 when she co-founded "A Sister's Hand, a nonprofit organization dedicated to shaping young underserved girls through mentorship, fun activities, and workshops. Since the age of 10, Farrah knew she wanted to spend the rest of her life helping people; however, she wasn't aware of the impact she would have made on the young women lives. While running her own nonprofit, Farrah continued to work as a social worker to provide for her family. However, she soon learned that it would be almost impossible to run your organization after being burned out daily from a 9 to 5. Farrah's growth and knowledge in the nonprofit sector earned her way as a Supervisor then Director, not realizing while she was climbing steadily but surely. However, her true prowess was an Entrepreneur, which she demonstrated after 17 years she left what has always been her passion of helping people to pursue her purpose. This met never clocking at a job ever again, pursuing her dreams, embarking on a new chapter in her life.​

Farrah decided it was time to move in faith and overcome doubt. In 2018 after leaving her job as a Teen Director for the Boy's and Girl's Club.  Farrah and her husband opened an Event space in her hometown of Brooklyn, NY. Since entrepreneurship had always been her core desire, she went ahead and opened another business. Pamper Me Mobile Parties, a mobile Party service for kids which will eventually become a Kids hair and Spa salon. Farrah's desire to become a life coach had always been there. After learning the ins and outs of the nonprofit world and helping numerous people build confidence and release fear, she knew it was time to help other entrepreneurs take their idea or business to the next level.​

Through one on one, group, and online programs, her goal is to help business startups become successful entrepreneurs, by unlocking their true potential and discovering purpose. ​