Yoga journey

Life can be happier and healthier

I'm Alice. I'm a yoga instructor and a physical therapist.
I love people, nature, running, new cultures, history, anatomy, animals.
I am inspired by people, that's why I want to share with you my story, my ideas, my goals because anyone can inspire at least one person.
My mainly goal is to create a strong connection between people from any place on Earth.

”An important aspect of observing our thoughts is becoming aware of the interplay between thoughts and emotions. If we pay careful attention to thinking, we can come to see that certain thoughts trigger certain emotions, and other thoughts trigger other emotions. This is something that happens not only in our mind: like those charged storm clouds, thoughts release chemicals in our brain that stimulate changes throughout the body. The body is affected by adrenaline generated by fearful thoughts and that having the stress reaction turned on most of the time is detrimental to our health.” ~Nancy Bardacke~

"Certain thoughts trigger certain emotions"

Create your space through yoga. The space from your being like that "coffee" break that you really need, that stretch in the morning when you lengthen your body, those moments when you come back to yourself, to your body and to your thoughts. That kind of yoga practice is about...about you and your needs. 🍀Namaste!

Create space within you.

Crescentlake Yoga

The water, all the blue pure water from the world... Do you remember the waves? Or you have the posibility to see them right now. What's your relationship with the water; not just washing you or your stuff, but when you see the ocean or a lake. Try to dissolve your mind, then your body... for being carried by the water where they need to be. Let the life carry you and your structures whatever it will do that. Just let it be and live as a river carries stones, plants, fishes. Those are like your thoughts... The more you let life lead you as it wants, the better you'll feel that life has meaning and beauty. Learn the flow lesson from the water.

Oceans, lakes, rivers lesson

Crescentlake Yoga