Hello friend!

I’m Betty

Hello Betty Anderson here! I’m so glad we’re connected! And I’d love to share a little about me!

I have two grown up kids with two semi grown up kids of their own! I’m a full time Flight Attendant so I have plants not pets, much easier to keep alive!

In 2019 before my 50th birthday, while in a deep struggle with my weight, moods, and energy..... I found low carb/keto and knew after tons of research it was the answer to my challenges. As much as I love low carb foods and how I feel eating them, I’m human and some times you just need tacos! Finding a happy balance between low carb and being “normal” around family & friends was a struggle.

LUCKILY, just a few months later, I found pure therapeutic ketones. Since my very first packet, this lifestyle has been EASY! My cravings are gone, my appetite is in check, my moods are amazing, my focus is fierce and my energy is high ALL day! I dropped 4 pant sizes and still feel amazing today!
I’m now obsessed (yes obsessed) with sharing this magic with people just like you!
If you’d like to try the system/plan I still follow today, click the link below! You won’t regret it!
Also - SWIPE through the cards on this link to see more!

And thanks for allowing me to be a new friend! 💜

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