Crossing Chronicles

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Judy’s Journey to the Moon

Join our livestream on 1/23 7pm PST

How to be Hazel

Hazel’s Home Makeover | Premieres 1/20 9am PST

Japanese Horror Island Tour!

C’s Birthday Livestream | Join us on 1/17 at 7pm PST

How to be Beau

Japanese Island Views + Homework Music | Live Chat Premiere 1/13 9am PST

Tour & Chill - 1960s Japan Island

How to be Chevre

January Channel Update

Tour & Chill - Rural Japanese Town

First Livestream of the Year!!! Join us 1/2 7pm PST

Tour & Chill: Tian - A Winter Woodland Island

Merry’s Merry Christmas

How to be Rocket

Tour & Chill: Winter Wonderland Island - Fairycore

How to be Diana

Dystopian Double-Island Tour!

Christmas Island - Dream Tour & Chill

How to be Dobie

Lofi Chill Winter Mix + Winter Island Tours

How to be Audie

How to be: Daisy

Daisy’s Day Out

How to be: T-Bone

Blackpink House... But it’s Animal Crossing!

How to be Pekoe

Cozy Breeze + Autumn Feels | Lofi Chill Music + Beautiful Autumn Island Views

How to be Ellie

How to be: Judy

How to be: Genji

Lured - A Halloween Dream Tour Story - Moonscar Island

Traversed Tides Episode 1

Traversed Tides Episode 2

Traversed Tides Episode 3

Traversed Tides Episode 4

Uploading Monthly!

Work + Study Beats & Chill Music

Enjoy beautiful island views paired with a lofi chill mix.

The perfect way to start your week.

Fields of Fall

Night Sky + Calm Vibes

Moonbeams & Waterfalls

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Dream Tour Stories

Island tours set with chill music, silent vlog style, and a story.

Spooky, Creepy, Witchy, Pirate Island (warning: may be scary for some)

Spanish-Filipino Urban Island

Vibrant Urban Metropolis

An Animal Crossing Romantic Comedy Short Series

Traversed Tides

Traversed Tides Trailer

Episode 1 - The Beach Party

Episode 2 - All the Firsts

Episode 3 - Messing it All Up

Episode 4 - Knowing Your Place

The Making of Traversed Tides

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Itaewon Crossing

New videos will premiere every Wednesday starting September 2!

Crossing Chronicles First Project Reveal

See the Itaewon Crossing Cast!

Genji beats up some bad guy!

Will Genji let Pekoe join the Danbam team?

Diana goes in to kiss Genji — Oh no! Pekoe!

Watch All Itaewon Crossing Scenes

Watch the making of Itaewon Crossing

Get to know many acnh villagers and find your next dreamy with this playlist.

Animal Crossing Villager Bios | Playlist

About Us

Hey neighbor!

What makes us happy is creating worlds in animal crossing and sharing its story with others. The love of the animal crossing game and the positivity of the acnh community is something we aim to spread more of.

N is based in the Philippines, while C is based in California, USA. Although we are thousands of miles apart, this game has allowed us to feel just as close as we were back when we met in first grade.

What better way to start a dream with a friendship of over 25 years. We've weathered many storms (and many island reconstructions), and we thought to start this journey with only one goal in mind: fun. Because we love designing, telling stories, and animal crossing, we created a YouTube channel that features videos that embodies exactly that.

Join us in our journey to tell & create stories through all the possibilities our island lives can bring.