About Me

I’m a Blue Australian Cattle Dog or sometimes called a Blue Heeler

I was born on November 15, 2019 at Flying D Australian Cattle Dogs in Fairview, Oklahoma, USA. I was part of a litter of TEN puppies. My mother is Rose & my dad is Z.

I’m AKC registered and my legal name is: Flying D Counting Crows of Winterfell (I’ll explain, Flying D = kennel where I was born; Counting Crows = my dad’s favorite band; Winterfell = mom was a huge Game of Thorns Fan).

I arrived in suburban New Orleans, Louisiana, USA to my forever family on January 11, 2020 aka my Gotcha Day!

My family

Here in New Orleans I have a big interspecies family

I’m the baby of the family! My human Momma is a veterinarian at Avian & Exotic Animal Hospital of Louisiana & my Daddy runs a sports/entertainment complex. My humans got us a brand too called BAD HEELER that sells branded stuff for us dogs & humans.

I have a red cattle dog sister and her name is Barqs The Cattle Dog, you might know her she’s pretty famous. She co-founded the Cattle Dog Clubhouse.

Barqs & me have lots of other brothers and sisters here but we pretty much run the house. We have two birdie brothers, Voodoo a  cockatiel and Chipper an African Grey; a  Guinea pig named Toby-Sniffer (Toby & me are currently roommates); lots of fishies; two axolotls Rex & Ray and two poison dart frogs Michigan J. Frog & Azure.