w e l c o m e t o m y w e b s i t e :)

🌊🌴— on @crsblv’s website, you will find…

- my colouring (must give cc!)
- the fonts i use
- about me
- tips to have a successful fanpage

—🌴🌊 the fonts i use!

the fonts that i use can be found on dafont.com and downloaded on to vont!

-hug me tight
-letters for learners

about me —🌴🌊

- i’m 14 years old
- i’m Australian
- Charli is my stan
- i’m Christian
- i have 8 people in my family
- i loveeee fried rice
- i go to a private school
- i love dance
- i love singing
- i’ve been a fanpage since 2019
- my star sign is libra
- i respect all sexualities
- i have a puppy, a cat, 3 bunnies, 2 horses and 11 fish
- i love animals as you can probably tell

how to have a successful fanpage!

tips to be successful

- post 1-4 times daily
- pick a colouring and stick with it
- don’t restart often
- make your account organised e.g- use the same caption every video
- don’t get discouraged if a video doesn’t do well (it happens to everyone!)
- make content that people can interact with e.g- questions
- make your own hashtag
- don’t use the same hashtags every video
- use sounds that you see on your fyp
- don’t spam post
- don’t reply to a comment when you make your videos (people think it’s annoying)
- do actives for actives
- comment on other people’s posts