Further educational reading resources I have compiled

Disability Must-Reads For Learning Allies

I highly recommend you read each of these if you’re trying to educate yourself on disability advocacy, activism and allyship. It’s a start in the right direction!

Recommendation #1

When ableist language is deeply embedded into our language, and activism is often welcome outside of disability activism- people get defensive about being called out on ableist language. Let’s answer some common questions.

Recommendation #2

It’s important when unpacking ableism to understand the medical industrial complex and the basis of it’s operation.

Recommendation #3

Understanding the goal of disability justice and what the words really mean is important before saying you believe in it and fight for it.

Recommendation #4

Claiming intersectionality within social justice demands inclusivity of disabled people and the awareness of ableism.

Recommendation #5

A PBS interactive timeline of the disability rights movement throughout history

Recommendation #6

Accommodation ≠ accessibility. It’s important to be able to know the difference, and why it’s important to begin with.

Recommendation #7

An important read about how ableism works as a mechanism of white supremacy.

Recommendation #9

Police violence is often targeting Black disabled people.

Recommendation #10

The rates of incarceration of disabled people are disproportionately high, and ADA laws go ignored.

Recommendation #11

Disabilities are often invisible. If a disabled person isn’t able to understand or hear the police, and the police don’t understand why... It often leads to violence.